The CSMP – part two

It has been an exciting few weeks preparing for the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation. Every child has a speaking part. They will also be singing. Not all have been to rehearsals and there are significant challenges to moving little ones into place to keep things going so the service ends on time. It will be a challenge. And yet, it is going to be just fine. 

The congregation has fasted and prayed for these wonderful children. The member of the Bishopric over the Primary auxiliary offered a lovely prayer with a blessing to be upon them. 

The children were invited to say their parts three times in a row every day this week in preparation for this Sunday, and to prayerfully ask Heavenly Father to bless them, to help them remember the words they are to speak to the best of their ability.

Now there is little left to do. Just:

  1.  Make sure the chapel seating is in order for the children to be in their places bright and early Sunday morning prior to the service and
  2. Continue in prayer for this experience to be one of reverence, of devotion and to be a great testimony builder regarding the constant need to draw upon the Powers of Heaven, thereby blessing the speakers and the listeners so all may be lifted and edified by the Holy Spirit. 






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