Reflections: The CSMP – part three

The children were absolutely amazing during the Sacrament service today. Most of them were early, in their seats on the stand, and ever so reverent. The little Sunbeams and CTR 4s were sitting in their seats, waiting with anticipation for their turn to walk up on the stand to be seated at the right moment. 

It all went perfectly today. Oh, there were a couple of missteps, a few missing children, two shy ones with one of them managing to say his part while the other just wanted to sing, but honestly I thought the children were as perfect as perfect could be. Everything truly worked out perfectly.

This perfect little program happened because the leaders, the parents, and teachers all worked to make it so. It was their prayers, calling upon the Powers of Heaven to bless the children, that made the difference. 

Now by the third hour of Church, in Primary after the presentation, well….. that is a different story, nonetheless, but the joy of that program today lingers as though a dream as I prepare to drift off to sleep feeling a spirit of hope, gratitude, and peace.



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