A day of peace and rest

It is the Sunday following the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation. It is the first Sunday that I have had less on my mind for weeks so it was a great day of peace and rest, relatively speaking. After all, I still had part in Sharing Time today. 

Still, as I reflect upon this glorious Sabbath Day, my heart is filled with peace and rest. Memories of the spirit of the CSMP linger. The sermons in Sacrament Meeting by Stephen NeSmith, Jr and Bishop Wardell linger in my heart.

The following songs express my thoughts, in since prayer to a loving Heavenly Father for his tender blessing of mercy, for truly He knows my needs, precisely, and I am ready to take on a new day, a week with sincere appreciation for life itself. 

Truly, “the Lord will do wonders among you” and me. 



Author: jswardell

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