Paint and Clay: When it’s time to play!

My friends in Florida own Ceramics Fanatics & Addicted Artists. When they first opened up I painted a simple square ceramic plate using a photograph from NASA to paint a black hole on it. It turned out okay but I knew I could do better so I went back and chose, for some odd reason, to experiment again on a butter dish. It turned out much better. 

Now I live in Montgomery, Alabama. I had seen a little ceramic shop a few streets over from where I CrossFit when Lo and Behold! The shop moved into the little shopping plaza right next to the Box. The family who owns the business is absolutely delightful. They are totally customer service oriented, very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

Finally, I had the opportunity to go make a little something for someone for Christmas. Hope it turns out the way I want it to, that I have the paint just right and the firing goes well because this plate has a #LightTheWorld story behind it. 

Literally. It is on the backside of the plate. (tee-hee)

PAINT AND CLAY: Paint Your Own Pottery and Canvas Studio




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