#WCTH #Hearties: Possible heresy, I know

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Yesterday I had time to get on to Netflix and saw that Season 4 of When Calls The Heart was available. Beginning with When Calls The Heart Christmas, I watched it and all of the season four episodes between last night and today. 

So let me get this out of the way. I am torn between truly enjoying the series and rolling my eyes at the endless stretching that goes on with some of the storylines. I think if I hear “you’ve done so much for this town” to stretch a scene one more time I will gag myself with a spoon!

Heresy, I know, but sometimes the women-power and the Elizabeth-Jack thing just gets to be too, too…. obnoxiously drawn out in a way that seems culturally progressive. Sometimes I wonder: What type of an agenda are the writers pushing?

Then there is the push-me-pull-you-socially-conscience agenda that rears it head with little about true, honest capitalism playing a part in the financial aid episodes. It would be wonderful to see equal emphasis given to stories about the people expected to handout aid and how they have to live on a budget and struggle. A storyline on a donor’s business failing would be a great storyline, not a rich person failing but an average, small business failure-starting over from nothing story. 

Of course I love Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing but puh-lease. Crank-up the speed a bit on this engagement-wedding thing already. 

I love Jack Wagner‘s character, Bill Avery. Bill is a type of an old school western character. It seems to suit Wagner really well, especially in S4 episodes. 

I love the romance and chivalry in WCTH. I love Mark Humphrey and Paul Greene in the cast. I like that Mark’s character is a manly-man and look forward to seeing Paul Greene’s character develop.

It would be great to see more fall-in-love-and-get-married-already-work-at-the-marriage storylines happening. Some traditional storylines of love and marriage without all of the drama to get there would be nice. Or even if a married couple with children were to move in, or bring back Julie Thatcher and Tom Thornton. And what about Jack’s mom? Brooke Shields needs a comeback story too. 

I loved seeing the storyline with Josie Bissett‘s character, AJ Foster. Was hoping she could stick around a bit longer. Maybe she will come back?  What adventurous possibilities there are for a fun, long-running storyline with AJ and Bill

I love Lori Loughlin in the show. She is adorable, charming, and her character is relatively grounded now the seasons have moved on. The kindly power struggle is nice to see. It is even nicer she is not some man-basher, a bit more mature character.

There is a lot more that I love, like the mature writing that takes place in developing the characters, their stories, the human interactions. I love the writing when it is clear regarding faith in God, Divine Providence, and not so much on fate or destiny. I love the faith, hope, and charity themes, of forgiveness when they have appropriate time to be developed. 

It will be interesting to see where Season 5 takes it. There is a lot of potential for WCTH to have a healthy run if the writing and storylines consistently improve. There are some great, mature actors and actresses that deserve more than soap opera storylines. The opportunity to write great, wholesome, traditional-family-working-together stories is there if the writers have the will to spiritually go there, just like Della Reese and Roma Downy did in Touched by an Angel




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