Happy and grateful

I have been sitting her for two hours trying to figure out what to write about. I feel uninspired. The words are not flowing. My brain is suffering from attention deficit mode, reading all sorts of news from a variety of sites, not focusing on anything of particular interest. Nothing is clicking for me. Nothing. 

So before I end this little blurb, let me express appreciation for a Honey-do who has the tenacity and patience to figure things out and fix them, like he did today. 

The house we are renting had a backed-up sewer drain in the master bath on Friday. The Honey-do picked up the rooter machine on his way home from work. By time he got home and went to work on the tub and the toilet, to no avail, it was dark outside. He was unable to check the line out front.

This morning he got up to attack the problem from the line outside. He got the job done and at a far less expense than it would have taken us to get a plumber. 

He is a great Honey-do and it truly makes me happy to see him so happy fixing things. 




Author: jswardell

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