24 days left… But who is counting?

It is another end of the day only this one is not 1 of, it is 341 of 365 days of daily writing. And once this little ditty is posted I only have 24 days of daily writing left. (Hallelujah!)

It has been a challenge not to merely write but to be inspired to write something appropriate, kind, and not too personal. It has been hard to not want to drone on about political messes when there are enough talking heads out there already, and many of them are far better communicators than myself on issues. 

Through this process I learned that I am bored with Twitter and Facebook. Pretty much bored with social media altogether. It also makes me long for the day when I have a house with a craft/sewing room where I can sit and play and create. 

Going through older posts it makes me miss working out. I am ready to get back into working out again after a year of unfortunate incidents.

Mostly I am ready to be done with this daily writing challenge. I think I might take on a weekly challenge after taking a bit of a break from this daily challenge. I think I would rather write more thoughtful pieces, not just fill in a blank day with anything that comes to mind. 

Nonetheless, it has been a great experience.





Author: jswardell

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