A quick trip Beachside: I’ll be back!

What a joy to see my friend, Crystal today! She is the owner of Hayes Upholstery & Crystals Closet And it was a bonus to see our mutual friend, Tori, who arrived at Crystal’s shop just ahead of me by a few seconds. It was grand to have a little spontaneous time to meet and get caught up on a year and a half of news in 2 minutes time. Well, with Tori since she was popping in and out before moving on to the next place. 

Crystal is my delightfully, talented friend. She is a brilliant upholsterer, definitely an incredibly hard worker. Best of all she is honest, forthright and fair. You cannot know how seeing her business thrive, more so than ever before, brought me much happiness! She is, truly, one of the hardest working women that I know. Crystal deserves every ounce of success and then some for her tenacity to do great works.

Crystal’s Closet is her dream adventure. It is the cutest little shop right around the corner from her upholstery place, filled with all sorts of wonderful beach themed decorative items and furniture for your household. She has some great furniture pieces, pottery, necklaces, pillows, tables, chairs, pictures, wall hangings, just a hodgepodge of interesting items.

It is a magic closet indeed!  There was just that perfect something for me! 

Anyway, I took in one of the cushions from my leather couch to see if she happened to have something close to repair the top piece of the cushion. Luckily, she does and, even more lucky for me, she can squeak in the job so I have it back before I put my house on the market.


Now, to get my ottoman-chest over there for a magic-touch redo too! 





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