Expecting the unexpected

Driving from Montgomery Alabama to Florida last Monday proved to be a bit nerve-racking when the tire pressure sensor light kept popping on. Later on, down the road, when we stopped to put gas in the car and when restarting the vehicle, the power steering locked up. It was concerning, but we had driven all night. We were close to our Florida home therefore turned off the car, restarted it to see if that cleared out the steering problem, which it did, and then we forged on until we reached our destination. 

Today, the fate of the car was determined when it was found out repair costs were more than the worth of the vehicle. 

We traded that vehicle in for an SUV that gets the same mileage as the car did. 

Love all the bells and whistles of our new 2017 treasure. 



Author: jswardell

Conservative Partnership Institute, Tea Party Patriot, Heritage Action Sentinel, Political Activist, #SocialismKILLS, Community Organizer, Blog: www.sentinel2sentinel.com

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