The break is over

Taking a break after writing every day for 365 days has been absolutely wonderful. Yes, it has been fantastic to not blog every day. No, I did not miss writing every day. It became a chore.  Nonetheless, I am back, Baby! Four days free and I am back!

Speaking of back… mine is doing much better. It will be three weeks on the 6th since that major bum & back whack. The tendons and muscles are doing well. Probably another three weeks and I should be back on track for light to moderate working out. I am so ready to get back in the box. Rowing and CrossRope are calling my name.

In the meantime, the house is officially on the market. It is in excellent shape. Doggies still think they are in Doggie Heaven. And I am enjoying the laidback feelings of my neighborhood and the beauty of my home until it sells.

Glad we have plenty of time to hang and are in no rush to sell.

Peace out.


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