Hart Spine and Rehab

After being out of joint for a few of days, unable to get my body to realign itself, I finally listened to my Coach Charles‘ recommendation to go see Dr. Hart of Hart Spine and Rehab. It was a fantastic experience. I should have gone in to see Dr. Hart two days ago. 

The staff is absolutely wonderful. Meeting and chatting with Dr. Hart was like connecting with a long lost friend. The vibe at the center was lovely. 

My next visit will be to Missy Johns, the licensed massage therapist, for my 90 minute session so I look forward to that experience real soon. 

Hart Spine and Rehab is moving to their new location in December. They will be in the building right next to Guns Out Crossfit which puts them closer to my neck of the woods. Well, by a minute, barely. 

Hart Spine and Rehab definitely deserve a 5 Star rating in my book. 




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