Who is behind the Mike Lee attacks?

For the last two years I have seen attacks on Mike Lee continue to grow. Why is that? Who is behind those attacks? Why are alleged Conservatives fueling those attacks or perhaps the better question: Who are the trusted voices whispering in their ears? What I know about Mike Lee is: ASK Mike Lee. Go … Continue reading “Who is behind the Mike Lee attacks?”

The Caravan vs Senator Mike Lee

Evidently I missed this interview with Senator Mike Lee on Glenn Beck the other day.  I always appreciate how tempered Mike Lee is in his solution based approach to catastrophic events that are designed to wreak havoc on the American People. Thanks Mike, for taking the time to go on Glenn Beck to #FrameTheDebate for … Continue reading “The Caravan vs Senator Mike Lee”

Part 3: My takeaway from Mike Lee

The more Progressive Republicans pushback against Mike Lee for his ability and willingness to stand for the Forgotten Men and Women in America, the more I believe in him. Therefore, to Senator Orrin Hatch: Get Out of the Way. I will not be forgotten and that is why I stand with Mike Lee. By the way Orrin, … Continue reading “Part 3: My takeaway from Mike Lee”

Part 2: My takeaway from Mike Lee

Part 1 of my takeaway here. Now on to the more of the Mike Lee – Glenn Beck conversation:  once we get on to the bill, it becomes very, very difficult to change it Now, that point brings me to something I read by The Editors in the Wall Street Journal that, frankly, makes me … Continue reading “Part 2: My takeaway from Mike Lee”

Part 1: My takeaway from Mike Lee

The other day Mike Lee was on Glenn Beck’s Radio Program. Today I want to pull out some phrasing that stuck with me from the conversation and why the fight to hold our ground for FULL REPEAL matters more than ever.  — this is the amendment that would have allowed people on the exchange to offer … Continue reading “Part 1: My takeaway from Mike Lee”

Mike Lee: Rock Solid, Loyal Republican

Mike Lee is every bit as honorable as his remarkable father was and that is evidenced in Mike’s principled stand on Full Repeal. Mike remains unwavering and faithful to his constituents. Always in the fight for liberty, he consistently stands against those who support subverting unalienable rights afforded every American. I listened to Mike on … Continue reading “Mike Lee: Rock Solid, Loyal Republican”

Mike Lee for Senate Majority Leader

It is high time for Progressive Republican Leader (PRL) Mitch McCONnell to be voted out of his way-way-upness. He deserves to be stripped from his leadership position, just like Boehner. Basta! Now on to promote Mike Lee for Senate Majority Leader.  All you have to do is go to Mike’s YouTube channel and listen to him … Continue reading “Mike Lee for Senate Majority Leader”

Mike Lee: Framing the Debate

The Laudable Pursuit I will update this page as new postings are made available. (I know, all the links are showing errors. When I hear back from Mike Lee’s office I will let you know where to find the information.) October 9, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: Conservatism Must Fight for Everyone Washington Leaves Behind  October 2, … Continue reading “Mike Lee: Framing the Debate”

The LAUDABLE Pursuit by Senator Mike Lee

I have been a fan of Senator Mike Lee for a while. But I turned into his mega-fan the night Democrats forced a Government Shutdown and I stayed up through the night to enjoy the Filibuster with Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee at the helm. That Filibuster was an amazing event, and I rank … Continue reading “The LAUDABLE Pursuit by Senator Mike Lee”

Bombastic McLame vs ReasonabLee

I do not care that John McCain was a War Hero when he, who is wealthy enough to not have use Obamacare for his own condition, makes his grand entrance to berate Conservatives and then vote-a-rama sabotage Full Repeal.  Especially when Mike Lee has been fighting for the Forgotten Men and Women in America and … Continue reading “Bombastic McLame vs ReasonabLee”

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