Ted Cruz: He Speaks My Language

I am not one of those brilliant political science people that can spurt out facts, figures, history or dates. My mind does not work that way. But what I am great at doing is listening to and recognizing honorable men and women who are honest enough to engage in debate that is designed to induce critical thinking to make a point.

One of the articles that I find helpful every political cycle is by Gary C. Lawrence titled POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS AND YOU. I liked it so much that years ago I found his number and called him to ask if I could share his article with others. He said yes. He was kind enough to discuss with me that the only thing he would add to the article at that time was in the last paragraph. He believes that one should pray about one’s choice after going through the self-eduation process.

As I go through Mr. Lawrence’s checklist to critically think through current campaign rhetoric I find that Ted Cruz meets my standard for what I want a Presidential Candidate to be. That is why I appreciate Ted Cruz and why Ted speaks my language. I get him. He methodically takes me through a thought process to persuade me about why he believes something is right and why he thinks the way he does. I know his history in consistent and persistent action to back up that in which he claims to believe.

Tracking Sources:

P.S. Here are a few of my favorite stories so far!

Port Canaveral: Discover the Networks


The Dubai Ports World controversy of 2006 is making a comeback, only this time the Arab principal has actually gained control of the container contract for a major U.S. port.  …read more

And this is disturbing news:

==>> Port Authority Responds To Request For Information On Potential Rail Extension Route …read more

  1. How much is this potential going to cost Taxpayers?
  2. How will imminent domain be used for this potential extension route?
  3. How much money has been spent and is there a money trail for pre-and-post extension costs?
  4. Where is the money coming from and who is it going to?
  5. And since there are alleged CLINTON money ties to this Port Canaveral project, isn’t that enough to warrant an investigation of the Port Commission decision making process?

Ask Congressman Bill Posey and Senator Bill Nelson where they stand on the Arab Takeover of Port Canaveral. Then ask the Brevard County Commissioners to take back Port Canaveral Authority before unrealistic tax burdens are heaped upon residents in Brevard County.

Additional Reading: 

  1. Port Security and Foreign Owned Infrastructure ~ Statement of Dr. James J. Carafano
  2. Port Security and Port Sales: An Action Plan for Congress by James. J. Carafano, Ph.D.
  3. Port Security: Four Examples of What Not To Do by James J. Carafano, Ph.D.
  4. Port Security: The Administration Misses an Opportunity by James J. Carafano, Ph.D.
  5. Port Security: Prioritizing Technology and Funding by Brett Ramsey, Daily Signal

A Time for Every Season: A Time to Write

Last week I came across a few people who are frustrated with national politics and state politics. They all want to do something but like most normal, hardworking Americans, they are extremely busy people. To get involved with politics on a national or state level it takes a lot of time away from family, work, religious and secular responsibilities. And still they press forward trying to make a difference.

Most of you know I am a novice political scrapper myself. I just try to fight my way out of my paper bag every day. I read, I search, and I try to learn what I can to make the best decisions on what I feel is my part in preserving freedom for this great nation. And I have opinions. Lots of opinions. Many I keep in my other paper bag until I can figure out if my opinions are good or bad, needing to be reformed until they are based in facts, as best as I can find them, decipher them, and then put them in some sort of consequential order for my brain to assimilate.

So here is what I know:

  1. There are some people who wanted to have businesses in Rockledge, Florida. They don’t have them here because of what appears to be OVER-regulation by the city.
  2. There are a vast number parents in Brevard who are outraged at the Common Core agenda and High Stakes Testing happening in Brevard Public Schools thanks to Steve Crisafulli’s support of the Jeb Bush agenda: No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
  3. There seems to be a genuine concern about how Commissioner Chuck Nelson is positioning himself for his next job on Merritt Island and how it relates to the power he holds as a County Commissioner.
  4. There are lots of TAXATION without representation questions regarding the “railway” push that is happening over in Port Canaveral that Brevard County taxpayers may want to learn more about before getting drowned at sea.
  5. There numerous problems with the RINO’s vs Conservatives in Washington D.C.
  6. And last but not least, the Man-Child in the Whitehouse with all of his minions who seem to want to destroy the U.S. Constitution by usurping power that does not belong to them.

I also know that if you want to stop the abuse in Washington, it starts by taking back local politics. So that makes me want to take time to write about what local conservatives are standing as sentinels over and is of concern to them. After all, they are in the trenches just trying to live productive lives for themselves and their families.

The above list is where I will start. One day at a time.

THANKS Bill Posey, one of the Courageous Florida FIVE

I have been pretty rough on my Congressman Bill Posey because I too often feel that he does not stand out as a leader among conservatives. He has aligned himself with Boehner too many times for my liking AND he is not prone to support legislation designed to pull back the reins on government before he “has a chance to read the bill.”

Sometimes I feel like I never get a straight answer from his office. They say one thing that sounds good, but then it sounds like there is a walk-back before the discussion is over. That is extrememly disheartening if a clear answer is not given.

I must say that I was beyond happy that Bill Posey voted against Boehner as Speaker of the House. That is one of the most gutsy votes I have seen him take. I am extremely thrilled that he stood up for change in Washington D.C.’s status quo because as noted in a previous post, I am no longer a fan of John Boehner.

So THANKS BILL! Thanks for standing up for change, for risking your position in D.C. by opposing John Boehner. Please know that I have your back and I will stand up for you if Boehner uses thuggary retaliation as retribution for your courageous vote.

I also thank the other four comprising the #FloridaFive of the #24Stood4Us. YOUR courage to work for the 60% who want Boehner ousted is duly noted and will not be forgotten!




23 Conservative Leaders Warn Boehner Not to Punish GOP Dissenters

A coalition of 23 leaders in the conservative movement today urged Speaker John Boehner not to punish Republicans who voted against him for the House’s… Read More

Blogging again

A few years ago I had a blog on blogspot which seemed a whole lot easier to use. I stopped because I hated Google and where it was going so deleted everything. Not that it matters now, apparently.

So now I am starting up again. Why?

Not exactly sure why. I enjoy writing. I am Tea Party Patriot and I love the United States of America. I want to be free. I want to be free to have an opinion. I want feel like I have a voice in government and I want to learn from credible sources not engaged to implement sophistry, malfeasance, or lies.

Like Rush talks about being a benevolent Dictator on his show, I want to be a benevolent Dictator on my blog about things that interest me.