24 days left… But who is counting?

It is another end of the day only this one is not 1 of, it is 341 of 365 days of daily writing. And once this little ditty is posted I only have 24 days of daily writing left. (Hallelujah!)

It has been a challenge not to merely write but to be inspired to write something appropriate, kind, and not too personal. It has been hard to not want to drone on about political messes when there are enough talking heads out there already, and many of them are far better communicators than myself on issues. 

Through this process I learned that I am bored with Twitter and Facebook. Pretty much bored with social media altogether. It also makes me long for the day when I have a house with a craft/sewing room where I can sit and play and create. 

Going through older posts it makes me miss working out. I am ready to get back into working out again after a year of unfortunate incidents.

Mostly I am ready to be done with this daily writing challenge. I think I might take on a weekly challenge after taking a bit of a break from this daily challenge. I think I would rather write more thoughtful pieces, not just fill in a blank day with anything that comes to mind. 

Nonetheless, it has been a great experience.





Soccer Enthusiast: Ian Sagstetter

I had the opportunity to meet with some young friends this evening. In so doing I met some of their friends who are nearer to their age than mine. One particular friend, Ian Sagstetter, was very interesting because he now lives in Texas. That piqued my interest. Was he from Texas? 

No, Ian is a local boy. He is a true soccer enthusiast who played for several years for a variety of teams, even overseas, and now he coaches for The Titans in Corpus Christi.

It was really quite interesting speaking to him about his chosen profession and the direction his life has taken him. He is truly a very impressive young man. It was an honor to meet him and to hear a small part of his story. 




Holiday Challenge Row 2017


Having been under the weather far too often this year, I have missed out on a lot of WoD training.

Today as I ponder about the Holiday 2017 Challenge with Concept2,  I am feeling a little sad for myself because I want to row. I need to row.

However, I am not yet ready to row. I still have four more days until cleared to row. 


Still, I am taking a look at my schedule to see if I can get in a 100k row to qualify if I begin next weekend.

Hmmmm……..to be continued…. 



A bit under the weather Monday

So this is my 10/23 post on 10/24 as I was a bit under the weather yesterday. I seemed to have picked up a bug from my little Charlie R., who was running a fever last week. 

Sunday night I went to bed really early, then slept in Monday morning. Charlie R.’s parents  were kind enough to make other arrangements for him that day, for which I was truly thankful. It allowed me to sleep off and on until about 3 p.m. when I actually felt better. 

Honestly, I woke up Monday morning sounding like some husky smoker broad. It was rather a bit of a fright. But a great day of rest and I was in much better shape by the afternoon. 

My sad news is I totally blew the 30 Day Jump Rope Get Fit Challenge. However, I have the plan and once I am recovered I shall jump again! 



CRJFC Week 1:Day 1 started today

The workout was not that difficult. I chose to do the baby WoD, the Beginner WoD. 

I felt like a baby elephant doing the baby elephant WoD. 

Could have challenged myself by doing the advanced WoD but no.

Oh well. I am started and I will keep going because it will get harder, no doubt. 

Love those CrossRope.com guys and the ZenDudeFitness.com guys. 

Thirty days of fitness. Thirty days. 


261/365  #TeamGunsOut #TeamBooGah



Collect your trophy: Pura Vida 5

Live in Florida? Love to CrossFit? Then check out this 5th Annual Competition: PURA VIDA 5 WoD that will be hosted by 26.2 CrossFit, Rockledge FL.

Information is forthcoming soon! 


I can hardly wait to get the Pura Vida 2017 T-shirt! Just sayin’.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/190022046″>262 promo 1</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user49678421″>MOEfit LLC</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



A little Granny shuffle today

Finally, the spirit of running, well the spirit of the Granny shuffle, kicked in as I made my way around one of my walking routes. It felt amazing. Since my foot drama I have come back with a 100k row and a jumprope challenge and a barely shuffle twenty feet on Monday’s walk.  

For the last few weeks I have been pushing my Wall Ball (my little Charlie R. in his stroller) for a mile plus walk, gradually increasing my walking speed but today  something just took over and I started the real granny shuffle. It was a bit of a shock.

Then my mind kicked in telling me to start some run/walk intervals for time when all of a sudden my mind took over and I started shuffling, not wanting to walk. (It may have happened because I was so close to home and I wanted to be done already.)  And as I shuffled those old feelings of thinking I am a runner popped into my mind. 

I am back. Shuffling, but I am really back. Time to break out the PWR Sandbag and take that shuffle to the next level.


When only a great cheeseburger will do

Today was JRPC 2: 250j with the two pound, Fury rope, for time at Guns Out CrossFit.

I did it and then gently rowed 100 meters. 

After that I stopped in to see my old bowling team and friends at Bama Lanes.

 The final stop was to Sundown where I bought me a delicious cheeseburger with fries and chatted with the owner, my friend and CrossFit teammate and Coach, Susan Thomas.

Ain’t Life Grand? 

Oh, yeah.

228 /360

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