Collect your trophy: Pura Vida 5

Live in Florida? Love to CrossFit? Then check out this 5th Annual Competition: PURA VIDA 5 WoD that will be hosted by 26.2 CrossFit, Rockledge FL.

Information is forthcoming soon! 


I can hardly wait to get the Pura Vida 2017 T-shirt! Just sayin’.

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Friday the 13th: My lucky day

Not being a superstitious person, I claim Friday the 13th as my lucky day. Nevermind I forgot to post about it in my 365 writing challenge yesterday. 

My lucky day included:

  1. Some extra free time to run a couple of errands. 
  2. My PIANO GUYS order came! 
  3. My charming, little Charlie R. and I got to have lunch and spend the afternoon together. 

It was a great morning to get several things done, a delicious lunch and a fantastic afternoon with my Little Guy, and an evening filled with uplifting music, music that I have imported to make playlists for rowing and jump roping and crossfiting.

It was more than okay on the lucky-me day.

257 on 258/365

Love Sir Cliff Richards! He sounds fabulous!  The cd version is the second video below.

Snuggle fabric softener and a song in my head

Stopping at Walmart on the way home to purchase some bleach, I spied the Snuggle fabric softener across the aisle. My favorite is the Lavender & Sandalwood scent. But I have not been able to find any in Montgomery. All I have seen here is Lavendar & White Orchid and it was the same at the Walmart tonight. 

Yeah. That was a bummer. Sandalwood is my thing. 

The other day I came across a show on Feeln. It is a series titled LEGACY staring Brett Cullen so I had to check it out. The series, apparently, was not picked up. It ends a bit abruptly at the end of Season 1. 

Yeah. That was a bummer. Unresolved issues are so irritating.

Below is the theme song, by Loreena McKennitt, that is now stuck in my brain. 

Yeah. That is a bummer when only a section of the song, the theme of the unfinished saga, plays repeatedly as a reminder you are left hanging.

Other than that my day has been pretty great. It started off with me pushing my little Wall Ball, Charlie R., in his stroller for a 1.4 mile walk/Granny Shuffle run. I walked 500 meters to warm-up then shuffled 100m then walked 100m cycles until the last 90m when I walked it out. 

Yeah baby. Granny’s got a great pair of shoes. Missing my Brooks but loving my Altras. 



A little Granny shuffle today

Finally, the spirit of running, well the spirit of the Granny shuffle, kicked in as I made my way around one of my walking routes. It felt amazing. Since my foot drama I have come back with a 100k row and a jumprope challenge and a barely shuffle twenty feet on Monday’s walk.  

For the last few weeks I have been pushing my Wall Ball (my little Charlie R. in his stroller) for a mile plus walk, gradually increasing my walking speed but today  something just took over and I started the real granny shuffle. It was a bit of a shock.

Then my mind kicked in telling me to start some run/walk intervals for time when all of a sudden my mind took over and I started shuffling, not wanting to walk. (It may have happened because I was so close to home and I wanted to be done already.)  And as I shuffled those old feelings of thinking I am a runner popped into my mind. 

I am back. Shuffling, but I am really back. Time to break out the PWR Sandbag and take that shuffle to the next level.


To the owners of nasty little yappy dogs

Out on a lovely morning walk with my Little Wall Ball, Charlie R., we were accosted by a nasty-little-yappy-dog who zipped out of seemingly nowhere on a short side street near my house. That sucker was rather aggressive so I had to stop and watch my back. It was relentless in charging toward me so much so that it was unsettling.

I have been nipped in the heels by a yappy-dog in this town before. The owner kept telling me to walk-on, the dog would be fine and not bother me. Oh she missed the fact her nasty-little-yappy-dog nipped my heels while she could not be bothered to watch, let alone tether her dog.  

Finally with some lunging back at it and shooing it off it with waving arms, like a madwoman, it finally pranced off toward a yard down the road, yapping like a mad dog. Seriously it must have looked like some freak show version of Battle Bots.

Nasty, little, miserable, wretched dog with no owner in sight. 

Continuing onward I headed toward the right side cul de sac on the sidewalk side of the street. Just as I was shaking off the fright and hitting my stride another nasty-little-yappy-dog came shooting out from a yard across the street

Arghhhhh! My heart jumped again. And again, a nasty-little-yappy-dog with no owner in sight!

The aggressive nature of the dog forced me to watch my backside and I was sure annoyed with myself for not picking up a big stick from a tree that I had seen at the corner I had just come from. 

I raised my voice saying, “What is wrong with all of these nasty-little-yappy-dogs today!” Finishing the thought with a yell, “Go Home! Sheesh!!!”

Working my way to the end of the first cul de sac, I then turned around to go back to the opposite end of the street where two more cul de sacs beckoned me to travel. Thank goodness, without incident.

Close to finishing my course, choosing to jog down the little hill I originally came up and having made it past the two initial nasty-little-yappy-dog encounters, I was feeling pretty good until ….. dun dun dun, that first nasty-little-yappy-dog comes running around the corner from my street, charging right toward me again! 

Arghhhhh! My heart jumped. Nasty, little, miserable, wretched dog. Same previous stand off, wave off ritual. 

So you pet owners who cannot constrain your animals, you can bet I will be carrying some sort of spray repellant and a BIG STICK with me next time! 

Please! Take care of your dogs. Restrain them!