Git off my property

Whenever anyone follows me on Facebook I warn them I am a Conservative Political Activist. They are free to UNFOLLOW me if they do not want to see my social accounts because that is what I use them for, Conservative Political Activism.

Anyone who follows me after having been warned, and then has the nerve to post on my timeline, whether it is Twitter or Facebook, and then blocks me instead of UNFOLLOWING because they are unhappy with my pushing back, might be labeled passive-aggressive.

Why use a dishonest tactic in blocking me when you were the aggressor on my timeline and all you had to do was GIT OFF MY PROPERTY? 

Runaway and be free. All the best. 

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.” ~ Ben Shapiro


Best Hamburger Day Ever

IMG_7750Met my friend, Pat, for lunch today. We met at the Sundown. Neither of us had eaten there before so we had a great time perusing the menu, trying to figure out what we wanted. 

Both of us ended up with our first choices, a Burger, and we shared the french fries. She got the cheese burger and I got the bacon cheese burger.

If only we had taken a photo of the delicious hamburger and fries we ordered before we gobbled down our food.

Yes. It was one of those best hamburger day ever moments.


Karaoke Fun and Fond Memories

My friend, Helen, posted a great YouTube video titled Tony Awards – Broadway Carpool Karaoke – One Day More. It brought back a wonderful memory of living in Dayton, Ohio when I had the great privilege of spending some time with the main cast of Dayton Opera’s Samson et Dalila in 2007. 

I met my friend, Elena Bocharova, the Dalila, because I served as a volunteer at Dayton Opera for a few seasons and eventually joined the Opera Guild of Dayton. It had been my privilege to first meet her when she debuted as the Carmen the year before. We just clicked, becoming fast friends, so when she was contracted for the 2007 performance I told her I would definitely be there for her. 

So now the Dinner & Karaoke story. We all were intertwined by two degrees of separation.

Dongwon Shin, a tenor, was cast as Samson. I first met him because, as a Dayton Opera Volunteer, I picked him up from the airport for the Dayton Opera Star Gala or New Year’s event. (He is just absolutely adorable.) 

John Packard was cast as the Priest of Dagon. He and Elena knew each other from Conservatory days in San Fransisco, if I remember correctly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.38.04 PMSo “we,” Elena, Dongwon, and John decide to go out for dinner and I wanted to take them to the Club on Wright Patterson Air Force Base. John’s wife, Pam, also came with us, of course!

My dear friend from the Guild, Nora Stang, and I had planned on doing lunch when I got into town but between her schedule and mine it was proving impossible to connect….so I literally had to beg her to come with us since Wednesday evening was the only time I could meet with her.

To make a long story short we all got to the club, had a lovely dinner with just the most delightful conversation when we heard a marvelously smooth voice singing Karaoke. Honestly we thought it was a recording.

No….no…it was karaoke when we heard the next two voices!

At the end of dinner we moved over to the dance floor/karaoke area to enjoy the “show.” But after listening to a few songs and with some prodding, Dongwon stepped up to sing from our group. Then Elena went next, and so on we went for a couple of hours until we helped close down the house. 

It was one of those best Karaoke night’s ever! And I feel so blessed to have been a part of it!Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.38.40 PM.png


Lovely Lunch: Urban Cookhouse Montgomery

img_7482Our friends suggested we go to the Urban Cookhouse for lunch today. It was pretty tasty. We ordered lime-marinated steak & rice, served with garden salad and a warm orange roll and the veggie quesadilla filled with grilled veggies, black beans, corn, pepper jack and provolone cheese. It was served with avocados and sour cream. We just realized they did not put any salsa on the plate. 

We got there right when the doors opened at 11 a.m. so we had plenty of time to check out the goods and the menu before the crowd showed up. 

The food presentation was lovely. It looked great and it tasted deliciously fresh. Unfortunately we were so hungry before we got there we forgot to take photos of the food before delving into it. 

Reasonably priced, we ate well and had great customer service. We will definitely go there again. 


My little Charlie R.

My little Charlie R. is cutting another tooth. He is a happy boy unless he is not a happy boy and he is only Unhappy Boy when something is wrong. 

Today was a poor, unhappy baby day. So Big C took him home and tried to comfort him. 

It was a rough day for both of my babies. 




Yes, I am Groot.

On Tuesday I had a date to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and really enjoyed myself so much so that I went with a couple of my girl friends on Thursday. 

Today is Saturday and yes, I want to go one more time (at least). At the IMax. In 3-D. And yes, I want to stay, for a third time, to the very end of the credits. 

Kurt Russell was truly fabulous in this show. I just fell in love with him again, like I did when he first starred in the movies. What a marvelous, wonderful actor he is. 

I am Groot. 


Happy Mother’s Day: Yes. I am thrilled for you and your day

Not to take away the pains and sorrows of those who mourn each year over not having a child but, as for me in my house: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY for those who have or are with child in spite of my being without one. It does not bother me that you are happy and feel honored by your progeny. It is not a sleight nor is it painful for me to watch you celebrate and be happy. 

What I am sick of is all of the whining and moaning and begrudging and wallowing in sorrow of the have-nots (and this goes for anything someone has that the have-nots want to whine about).

Seriously. Have your pain but please, move on. Stop droning on and on about it. 

Yes, I am sad for you. Yes, I know you want to share your emotional devastation. Life is rough and then you die, the saying goes, and you may very well have a very rough, perhaps horrific life

Nonetheless, there is one who has suffered all your pains, emotional, mental, and physical. And therefore, you can move on if you choose Christ, embrace Christ, and rejoice in Christ so you can allow Christ to heal you. 

You can be gracious. You can be truly happy for someone else’s day, like Mother’s Day.  

And you can say it and mean it: Happy Mother’s Day!