Fourteen Minutes? Who did that?

IMG_7865I set the machine for a one hour and fifteen minute row. Well, I thought I set it for that length of time until viewing the details at the end of the row. Evidently I need to wear my glasses when setting my plans in the future. 

My goal was to experiment with a rowing strategy for the upcoming 2017 Summer Solstice Challenge by  Concept 2.  By adding the 97 meters to make it a half-marathon, it will be a new personal record for me.

My times were a bit sluggish today. I have been experimenting with rowing at different times during the day while building up endurance for the distance. Where I lost time fiddling with my iPhone, trying to get the music straightened out after I rowed the first 6k, made the biggest difference in my strokes per minute. 

It was not a bad row overall. It ended up being rather revelatory and encouraging in spite of the one minute loss in programming time and the iPhone music mishap.

I will not make those same errors again. Well, I will make a good faith effort to not do them again.



Working up to Summer Solstice Row

It has been a while since I rowed more than 30 minutes solid. Considering this is Summer I am satisfied with today’s, late in the day, row.

Learn more about the 21000m SUMMER SOLSTICE CHALLENGE 2017. It will be my first attempt at the half marathon rowing challenge which requires me to add a mere 97m, in one sitting, to the Challenge.



Git off my property

Whenever anyone follows me on Facebook I warn them I am a Conservative Political Activist. They are free to UNFOLLOW me if they do not want to see my social accounts because that is what I use them for, Conservative Political Activism.

Anyone who follows me after having been warned, and then has the nerve to post on my timeline, whether it is Twitter or Facebook, and then blocks me instead of UNFOLLOWING because they are unhappy with my pushing back, might be labeled passive-aggressive.

Why use a dishonest tactic in blocking me when you were the aggressor on my timeline and all you had to do was GIT OFF MY PROPERTY? 

Runaway and be free. All the best. 

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.” ~ Ben Shapiro


Murph on Monday

It has been seven weeks since I broke my toe.  I was confined to #TheShoe up until a week ago. I have been walking but not doing any running so tomorrow is going to be a challenge for me on many levels. The good news is I have been using my PWR Sandbag to help me prepare for the Murph Challenge by walking and pushing Charlie R in his stroller for 1 mile walks. 

I am having a difficult time falling asleep in anticipation of what tomorrow will bring. I really want to run, or in all honesty it is a Granny Shuffle, like last year. My goal is to break down the WoD into 20-40-60 at 5 rounds but the reality is 10-20-30 at 10 rounds is probably more realistic. 

Thanks to my Honey-do for juicing a couple of power concoctions for me over the last couple of days. He has a power combo ready for me to down with my plant protein powder first thing in the morning when I wake up.

Alright. Time for bed! 


Yes, I am Groot.

On Tuesday I had a date to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and really enjoyed myself so much so that I went with a couple of my girl friends on Thursday. 

Today is Saturday and yes, I want to go one more time (at least). At the IMax. In 3-D. And yes, I want to stay, for a third time, to the very end of the credits. 

Kurt Russell was truly fabulous in this show. I just fell in love with him again, like I did when he first starred in the movies. What a marvelous, wonderful actor he is. 

I am Groot. 


Like John Wayne in the house

Today was one of those days when I had a best day ever watching a show on “television.” It was the Glenn Beck radio program on The Blaze TV via my Roku.

The guest: Robert O’Neill

With all of the political catastrophes going on in the world, this is the one interview that stopped me in my tracks and made me feel like John Wayne was in the house. The joy in service, the joy in purpose, and the humility in the joy of giving back when so much has already been sacrificed was absolutely emboldening and uplifting, like watching John Wayne on the big screen in one of those famous battle scenes where the Good Guys win.

Listening to O’Neill made me think of men like Audie Murphy and Jimmy Stewart and members of my own family lines who have served in the military over the years. And my heart swelled with feelings of great love for him and all those who have so selflessly served in the Armed Services. 

What a day is has been to revel in feelings of glory for our nation, for our freedom, and especially for those who just serve for God and Country.  

Thanks Rob O’Neill. That was just the pick-me-up I needed. 

Be sure to check out Your Grateful Nation.




Pulling my Heritage Donation is Good News for…

Well. I have good news and bad news so here we go…


When I heard the rumor of Jim DeMint being ousted from Heritage Foundation last week, I took everything with a grain of salt while keeping a close eye on the Twitter feeds of DeMint, Heritage, Heritage Action, and Mike Needham. There was nothing but silence. so I knew something was wrong. Then more information kept rolling out so I tried to analyze what was being written to not make an emotional judgment. 

By Sunday I knew I would be pulling my membership donation to Heritage even if half of the debacle was true. Still, I held off until Monday in a good faith gesture to Heritage but when more information kept coming out with silence from Heritage, well, it was all over for me.  My heart felt heavy for I have been a Heritage Foundation member since 2002 and a follower of Heritage since long before that therefore, my phone call to Heritage, first thing this morning, was exceptionally bittersweet.

I love Jim DeMint and I love Mike Needham. I love being a Heritage Action Sentinel. For how long is yet to be determined, especially after the rather ugly announcement by Heritage’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Thomas A. Saunders, III that was then forwarded to Heritage Action Sentinels. (Bad Form, Mr Saunders. Not a good enough intro to the forward, Mike.) 

I have absolutely NO REGRETS in pulling out of donating to Heritage Foundation over this debacle and especially for their torching Jim DeMint. Ben Domenech said it best on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.02.24 PMTHE GOOD NEWS…

The good news is I can now spread some of that Heritage donation money around to, Sons Of Liberty International, Hillsdale  and maybe even Star Parker’s And of course that means more to rid the House and Senate of Progressive Republicans by donating to Senate Conservatives Fund. (They help clean the House too!)