Just focus on Lee and Cruz and…

The Ryan-McConnell tag team has just about worn out their welcome as far as I am concerned. This nightmare they have perpetuated with AHCA and now BCRA is shameful. Senator Mike Lee’s opinion, The Missing Ingredient in BCRA: Humility is absolutely spot on and that is why I am going to begin focusing on the solution makers, … Continue reading “Just focus on Lee and Cruz and…”

Cut the losers and let the winners run

Since taking the 10 Day Social Media Fast I realize I am beyond bored with Facebook and Twitter. I also have a Gab account however find that I do not use it as much as I do Twitter of which my usage is somewhat waning. The other social media accounts I have at Instagram, Periscope, … Continue reading “Cut the losers and let the winners run”

Never to be conquered: We, the People, must #FrameTheDebate

Mike Lee deserves far more respect and support than he currently gets from the PRL (Progressive Republican Leadership). He is one of the most measured men in the Senate. He is thoughtful. He is prudent. He is a superb listener. He is a scholar of the United States Constitution. He has a great capacity to … Continue reading “Never to be conquered: We, the People, must #FrameTheDebate”

Middle of the Road: The tale of tales

I read this piece posted on Glenn Beck the other day:   Reform Conservatism and Reaganomics: A middle road? So I tweeted the afore mentioned article link to Marco Rubio’s new Chief of Staff, Mike Needham, (an acquaintance of mine) and he responded with this article:  Two Cheers for Corporate Tax Cuts The first article … Continue reading “Middle of the Road: The tale of tales”

Forged and Tempered: Men of Consequence

The rise of a third party will probably increase the power to the Progressive Party for a long run. I agree with the premise we should vote for honest, upright candidates not for a party and we should point out the who’s who voting for the Progressive Party Platform.  Mick Mulvaney gave a great interview … Continue reading “Forged and Tempered: Men of Consequence”

Whoopwhoop: 365 Challenge ENDS

My day began with Jonathan Hoenig’s Saturday CapitalistPig.com school.  It is a free seminar that he generously shares with his followers on most Saturday mornings beginning promptly at 10 a.m., Central Time. I have been watching him for several years so when he started these free classes I jumped on board to learn more about investing. And … Continue reading “Whoopwhoop: 365 Challenge ENDS”

Take Back The Senate: #DitchMitch

Schumer is the problem. So is Mitch McCONnell. The problem is the Senate but Mike Lee with Thomas Massie keep trying to educate the public on the bottle neck process that is hurting the American people while oppressing the taxpayers. Like David Horowitz says: It’s the Senate, Stupid. Today’s Reading List: Boyd Matheson: Shutdown insanity … Continue reading “Take Back The Senate: #DitchMitch”

RINO Number 9: Orrin Hatch

For the Utah transplant, Orrin Hatch, who built his retirement out of taxpayer pockets: Don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out.  Take a look at Hatch’s Freedom Works Scorecard (only covers from 2005) to see how and when he chooses to be an alleged Republican. Of course, FreedomWorks, Conservative Review, and Heritage … Continue reading “RINO Number 9: Orrin Hatch”

Paul Ryan and Mitch McCONnell #TaxReform vs #RealTaxReform

Bottom line, a meager #TaxReform passed in the house. It is better than nothing IF Mitch McConnell presses for #honest reform from the Senate and the House and Senate rise up to negotiate every best part from both bills without compromising to the progressive agenda.  My touchstones for integrity in the senate are Mike Lee, … Continue reading “Paul Ryan and Mitch McCONnell #TaxReform vs #RealTaxReform”

The Big Whoop Tax Plan: a little whoop

There have been alleged tax plans and rumors of tax plans running rampant for weeks. Today there is a big whoop about the official tax plan however, it is worthy of a little whoop since there is still more to this marathon than shooting out of the starting blocks. There seems to be a severe … Continue reading “The Big Whoop Tax Plan: a little whoop”