The LAUDABLE Pursuit by Senator Mike Lee

I have been a fan of Senator Mike Lee for a while. But I turned into his mega-fan the night Democrats forced a Government Shutdown and I stayed up through the night to enjoy the Filibuster with Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee at the helm. That Filibuster was an amazing event, and I rank it up there with the night I watched Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ speech BE NOT AFRAID.

Lee and Cruz are the best at framing the Conservative arguments for smaller, compassionate government. They both understand that it takes time to turn a ship from the New Totalitarian direction in which we are headed. They have the patience, the foresight, the tenacity to alter or correct the ship’s course through methodical and rhetorical discourse that must take place so the ship does not needlessly capsize. (See An Agenda For Our Time)

For your convenience Senator Lee’s THE LAUDABLE PURSUIT postings are listed below from first to last. As you read through the issues you will have the details, reasoning, and language to help you help him persuade others set America back on course toward freedom.

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June 5, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: Throwing out Washington’s broken status quo playbook

June 12, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: Call Their Bluff 

June 19, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: Safeguarding the space of freedom

June 26, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: The Bedrock of Human Dignity and Liberty

July 10, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: Universal child care is, and has always been, a conservative priority 

July 17, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: The First Rule of the Abortion Business 

July 24, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: Keeping Our Promises to the American People 

August 3, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: Quantity isn’t Quality 

August 7, 2015 The Laudable Pursuit: The Turth Will Win

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Wall Ball WoD with a Concept 2 Rowing Fool

Monday’s 26.2 CrossFit Endurance WoD was rough for me. It was a MetCon 50-40-30-20-10 Wall Ball with a 200 meter run after each round. Modifying the WoD is normal for me and due to my limited range of motion on the squat I use a bench and a 10# ball. Due an Achilles Tendon issue, I row but after an extended period of recovery and the previous Friday’s 100 meter runs, I chose to give the 200 a shot.

Only rolling my eyes twice, it was hot and muggy that morning in the Box, I got through the WoD rather quickly for me. My legs were janky-leg-wobbly by the time I was done. While smiling big on the inside, I cooled down with a 500 meter easy row.

Then came Tuesday morning. How sore was I? Like my first days, weeks, months of CrossFit sore! Barely able to walk, my body tottered like a sickly Penguin. Slowly and gently stretching just trying to get out of the bed I thought about using the Trigger Point Hand Roller but that was out of the question. Using the large foam roller was totally out as I could not even, with light pressure from my hands, touch the trigger points on my legs. (Can you hear me Wah!?)

Wednesday I woke up at 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30 a.m. At 5:30 I tried to get up and get ready to go to my 6:30 a.m. Endurance class. Instead, I reset my alarm for the 7:30 Personal Training class only to waken and reset the time thinking maybe I could make it to the 9 a.m. CrossFit class. However, finally waking up at 10 a.m. because my Retriever was telling me it was time to get up for real, I thought a little more recover time was need therefore if I a make it to the 5:30 p.m. class……

At 4 p.m. I just gave up on pushing myself to get to the Box after trying to loosen up throughout the day with light jumping on my Rebounder and stretching. There was no getting past an overall sick-to-my-stomach soreness so finally giving myself permission to take the day off was the right thing to do. But I was determined to make it Thursday to, you know, row-baby-row!

2015-080-20 C2 MetersThursday morning. Though somewhat difficult to tryna-wanna get going, I got to the Box, got that rower set up and then the best motivation wave kicked in. Coach Allie saw my lifetime meters pop up on the C2 screen. His face lit up in joyful amazement at how many meters I have rowed since he put me on the tracking card. That surprised look of happiness was enough to push myself into gear with a stretching and rowing warm up. My head was back in the game to 15 Rounds of Rowing for 1:40 minutes at 26 spm with 20 second rests and the damper set at five.

What I truly appreciated learning about CrossFit this week was a reinforced lesson about how important it is to push through pain at a reasonable pace. Recovery is essential to a healthy workout regimen. And rowing is a fabulous recovery workout for any killer Wall Ball WoD.

My comment as to “WHY I Bother…”

A fellow Heritage Action Sentinel, Catherine (Twitter handle: 1stBornAmerican), posted a link to:

WHY BOTHER? by William Hennessy

I read it. I appreciate his sentiments. And in like fashion I now add my comments as to WHY I BOTHER:

When I was about six or seven years old, living in Germany, my parents took my brother and me to visit Dachau. That was around 1963-64. It was not that long after World War II ended. The Dachau you see today is not as it was when I was young child. The Dachau Concentration Camp then was clean but not nearly as sanitized as it is today.

I remember walking through the gas chamber units as my mother explained how children were murdered, how their mothers in sincere effort, tried to shield the faces of their babies. I remember the hooks and my mom telling me how women had to hang their babies up, dangling in the air.

But my most vivid memory to this day is the smell in one particular building. My father was walking silently, while I, a goofy child walking beside him, was just in another adult place that could not have been less enticing to play around. The image of red brick is firmly lodged in my mind. Walking down a pathway, unable to find anything interesting to look at except rows of ovens with my father, I will never forget that smell. I will always remember scrunching up my face to the acrid smell that seemed to scratch my throat and burn my sinuses. I can remember thinking “It stinks in here.” And that thought after what seemed like forever, kept running through my head until it popped out of my mouth. I think I mumbled it at first and then repeated it loudly.

“Dad!” I said with my childlike face of scrunched disgust. “It STINKS in here! It really stinks!”

And calmly he replied with solemnity, so I would fully understand the importance of the experience, “That is the smell of death.”

For me, Never Again was born in that moment. I remember it like it was yesterday and that smell, when recalled, brings tears to my eyes.

Is it important to understand and know who our elected officials are, morally and spiritually? Is it important to understand who is surrounding them, whispering in their ears, advising them of policy and directions to push policy forward? Is engaging in methodical and rhetorical discussion paramount to ensuring elected officials are thoroughly and properly vetted?

Indeed. And that is WHY I bother.

Stop 22, 26.2 CrossFit and LAVFW 4534 Rocket Post

Stop 22 Shane and Evan 311kb

August 5, 2015 ~

The Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW District 8 luncheon was hosted by the LAVFW Rocket Post 4534 in Rockledge. The festivities were kicked off by 26.2 CrossFit’s Running Coach, Shane Turner explaining why CrossFit is such a great fit for the Military, Firefighter, Law Enforcement & First Responder Communities. He discussed the psychology behind the workouts and how CrossFit is especially beneficial for Military Veterans struggling with PTSD and depression.

To honor K9’s For Warriors work in bringing attention to the fact that our nation is losing 22 veterans a day, Coach Shane put a Stop22 mini-WoD together. Joined by 26.2 CrossFit teammate, Evan Cawthon, the two men demonstrated a METCON of 2 Rounds For Time: 22 Push-ups, 22 Squats, 22 Sit-ups and 22 Alternating Lunges.

The LAVFW Sisters split into two teams so they could count reps and cheer for either Team Shane or Team Evan. And of course, they were sure to keep a close eye on Evan, watching that his squat form was spot on! But the real Ooo’s and Aww’s came when Evan bumped up the workout with a little friendly competitive twist: the Jumping Lunge.

After the workout and throughout the luncheon, a few ladies commented on how their sons encourage them to get into #CrossFit. Others said they are aware of a Box near their homes. It was a very productive and enlightening event therefore on behalf of my LAVFW President, Bev Wall, thanks to 26.2CrossFit owner, Allie Newell, for supporting the LAVFW Rocket Post 4534‘s Stop22‬K9sForWarriors Awareness Event. A very special thanks goes to Coach Shane and Teammate Evan for making our Stop22 event such a grand learning experience!

Donations raised from this event will go to the K9’s For Warriors & Stop22 project.

Potluck and Capital Letters: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

Tuesday night my congressman, Bill Posey, had another Telephone-Townhall (Tele-hall). The only reason I know about it is because I happened to be on Facebook (FB) and happened to see his post stating his event was about to happen. It was not until after the call started that I happened to see the post with the call-in number.

I used to get called by his auto dialer. I used to get emails. I used to get email responses back from his Communications Director. But last night, on a chance sighting of his post, I had to call in for myself and if I wanted to say something I had to press #3 to get in the queue.

When I see Senator Mike Lee hold regular online FB live chats with his constituents and he takes questions via several mediums. And when I see Senator Ted Cruz use Periscope to hold Press Conferences and Rallies and debate with a sorely misguided Code Pink lady I cannot help but feel Posey or his team seems so far behind the social media curve.

But I divert myself. Back to the reason for this post.

I missed the beginning of the call, therefore whatever Posey talked about for the first 5 minutes or whenever it was I got into the call, is my great unkown. Getting into the Tele-Townhall to hear him open it up for constituents, well, there seemed to be an endless parade of questions too often prefaced with ramblings, commentaries, and or praises by friends of Bill.

Not saying those people with their thoughts are unimportant, I am suggesting that as important as it is for people to bend Posey’s ear, I wonder:

  1. Why does Posey or his team not move the dialog forward by addressing comments on Twitter and Facebook?
  2. Does it makes sense that if Posey/his team sees a LIVE comment trending on his Twitter address or FB page while he live/online then he could address the trending COMMENT/s?
  3. How many of us would quit SCREAMING at the phone if the Posey team would simply go between facsimile, Twitter, Facebook and the Tele-hall to take QUESTIONS he ought to be addressing for the Populous?
  4. Is it possible that by so doing MORE PEOPLE COULD BE HEARD or HAVE A VOICE in these Tele-halls IF those three mediums for communications are embraced?

Now for those who do not know, typing in CAPITAL letters is consider yelling. Not that I condone yelling but I hope you can hear me emphasize words that matter to me in this discussion. Oh, and this is a civil discussion no matter what you have read on the Internet.

I am not a Senior, yet. I am sick and tired of hearing Senior people whine about a fixed income called Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare.

WE ALL LIVE ON A FIXED INCOME whether or not we are Seniors, Single Parents, Two Working Parents, etc. We all have FINITE dollars to spend. And when we, and I include the Government/Congress/Senate, SPEND MORE THAN WE EARN, EARN, EARN, it is painful to live with the consequences.

  3. IT IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to DEMAND MORE OF THEIR MONEY regardless of what was promised to you or has happened to your ability to gain income.

SOCIAL SECURITY IS BROKEN. MEDICAID IS A MESS. All of it must be fixed and there must be a FULL REPEAL of OBAMACAREHELL or Seniors and the Sickly, will be left, by the Government, TO DIE. Just ask those having to deal with the Veterans Administration.

Oh, and just so you know, I am a Military Brat and Spouse. I have watched Government STRIP Military Veteran Benefits from my Father over the years. My husband, a Veteran from TWO Campaigns, may not receive any benefits at the rate Congress ignores the current debt. So spare me your whining while we are trying to figure out how to live on diminishing pay and benefits. IT IS JUST THE WAY THINGS ARE AND WISHING/WHINING AIN’T GETTIN’ IT!  

Social Security, Medicaid and other ENTITLEMENT programs reminds me of a Church Potluck Dinner where 200 families show up and only 25 families people brought enough food for their families plus extra for two people. Fact is: Someone is going to go hungry at that Potluck Dinner.

What I want to hear from Bill Posey is on the following topics:

  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress, to cut taxes and spending and rein in the debt?
  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress to limit the size and scope of the federal government and return authority to states and to the American people?
  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress to get rid of Obamacare and promote health care solutions based on free enterprise, not government controls?
  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress to protect America from foreign threats, secure the border, and develop a robust, principled foreign policy that puts America first
  • What is Bill Posey doing as a LEADER in Congress to ensure that our judges and lawmakers uphold the Constitution of the United States, starting by halting executive overreach?

Please note the action word DOING. That implies more than Posey discussing what he has done. DOING is used to encourage a dialogue, a discussion on what he is doing here, now, today, and his vision for pressing forward with a CONSERVATIVE agenda to RECLAIM America. Here are examples of what I am talking about:

I WANT POSEY to join with other WELL ESTABLISHED, CONSISTENT CONSERVATIVES to break and take down the #WashingtonCartel. I want him to understand there is safety in CONSERVATIVE numbers (follow Dean Clancy) and if he will press forward with Principled Conservatives, I, with others, will watch his back if he will work to #MakeDCListen. But I also want him to know a consistent 90% OR BETTER is expected for my support on the Scorecards That Matter Most:

  1. Conservative Review Scorecard for Bill Posey
  2. Heritage Action Scorecard for Bill Posey

Correction: Sorry, I started this article Wednesday and forgot to change the opening line from Last night to Tuesday night before posting.

The Reluctant CrossFit & Concept 2 Rowing Nerd

I hate working out and exerting myself. I am a lazy bum. And for the zillionth time, No, I do not feel the love for working out like the fitness freaks, body builders, and other top athletes. I do not feel like I miss working out if I do not do something. It just is not like that for me. It is very possible for me to live without it, exercise. Of course, I understand that living on the couch will cause premature death, that I will die but my feeling is: Duh, yeah. I am going to die just like all those who have gone before me and it could happen while I am working out.

And yet, after sixty four weeks at 26.2 CrossFit, I am finally turned into a CrossFit Novice Nerd who has really taken to the Concept 2 Rower, like a freak. I still have to talk myself out of bed every single morning. Usually I am whining in my head until about halfway through the WoD but i am still faithfully showing up to the box consistently. It was at week 61 that I added the 24 Workouts –– a collection of interesting and challenging rowing workouts to my training regiment to bring me into a five day workout week, therefore qualifying me as a CrossFit Nerd.

So that leads me to two exciting bench mark events in the past twenty-four hours. A wonderful thing thing happened yesterday on the rope “climb” and today as I rowed the Day 6 workout. Yesterday as I attempted the 5 “climbs”  I automatically engaged my core in a way I have not done in the past. (Keep in mind, I modify rope “climbs” by laying on the floor to pulling myself up to a standing position because I have NEVER climbed a rope.) Then today, while rowing, a similar thing happened. I realized I was doing this little core crunch thing. It so surprise me that I almost squealed “Yayee for me!” out loud, as I was rowing!

Even though I am only rowing the 24 Workouts program just two days a week and it has only been for the last three weeks, I am pretty amazed at this ability to be cognizant of my exercise form as though it magically happened. By dragging myself to the box to do the work persistently and consistently, my ability to recognize my capabilities correlates to my fitness improvements.

To be clear, my recognition is far behind the fitness improvements but, it is coming along just the same. My motivation for working out is not for the love of how I feel, it is more so in that how I feel makes me remember the suffering is somewhat worth enduring or in other words, an effectual struggle.

How is it that the heavens weep, and shed forth their tears as the rain upon the mountains?

Dumfounded by how lost Bruce Jenner is in his gender confusion after three marriages and producing six children, capped with the Planned Parenthood’s abortion scandals and the Military Recruiting Station being attacked, my emotions are just all over the place.  Trying to bridle those feelings in an effort to see things as they really are while keeping the blood from shooting out of my eyes over the seeming hardness of heart in Barack Hussein Obama and his administration has not been easy.

As I work through my shock and feelings of deep disbelief my mind is caught up into Moses 7:28 in the Pearl of Great Price.

How is it that the heavens weep, and shed forth their tears as the rain upon the mountains?

Then I go back to read a talk given in 1974, titled Unchanging Principles of Leadership and quote Wendell J. Ashton:

In 1900 only 4 percent of the college-age group attended college. Now it is 40 percent. A national business magazine notes that “it is estimated at the present time that an engineering degree represents knowledge that becomes obsolete after ten years. Changes are coming so fast that degrees will soon be out of date after five years. …” Another publication reports that 80 percent of the jobs in the future will require less than four years in college, but will demand vocational-technical education for skills such as those of carpenters, auto mechanics, secretaries, and salesmen.

A book, The Year 2000, talks about some of the developments likely ahead for you: mining and farming on the ocean floors, three-dimensional photography, artificial moons for lighting large areas at night, and many others.

Even more sobering, though, are thoughts regarding other changes that some say are ahead: the phasing out of family life and of the moral code that helped make this and other nations great.

Seriously. That was 41 years ago. Look where we are with today’s Planned Parenthood Abortion Crunch Parts/Lamborghini scandal. I totally understand how the Heavens weep.

In 1985 I well remember the words from renowned heart surgeon, Russell M. Nelson in his talk, Reverence For Life:

…For years I have labored with other doctors here and abroad, struggling to prolong life. It is impossible to describe the grief a physician feels when the life of a patient is lost. Can anyone imagine how we feel when life is destroyed at its roots, as though it were a thing of naught?

What sense of inconsistency can allow people to grieve for their dead, yet be calloused to this baleful war being waged on life at the time of its silent development? What logic would encourage efforts to preserve the life of a critically ill twelve-week-old infant, but countenance the termination of another life twelve weeks after inception? More attention is seemingly focused on the fate of a life at some penitentiary’s death row than on the millions totally deprived of life’s opportunity through such odious carnage before birth.

…It is not a question of when “meaningful life” begins or when the spirit “quickens” the body. In the biological sciences, it is known that life begins when two germ cells unite to become one cell, bringing together twenty-three chromosomes from both the father and from the mother. These chromosomes contain thousands of genes. In a marvelous process involving a combination of genetic coding by which all the basic human characteristics of the unborn person are established, a new DNA complex is formed. A continuum of growth results in a new human being. The onset of life is not a debatable issue, but a fact of science.

And then I know that all of what is happening is a sign of the last days or possibly it is the beginning of sorrows as M. Russell Ballard discusses in his talk The Joy of Hope Fulfilled:

Brothers and sisters, whether or not these are indeed the last days or even “the beginning of sorrows” as the Savior foretold, some of us may find our lives laden with frustration, disappointment, and sorrow. Many feel helpless to deal with the chaos that seems to prevail in the world.

He continues:

My message to you today, my brothers and sisters, is simply this: the Lord is in control. He knows the end from the beginning. He has given us adequate instruction that, if followed, will see us safely through any crisis. His purposes will be fulfilled, and someday we will understand the eternal reasons for all of these events. Therefore, today we must be careful to not overreact, nor should we be caught up in extreme preparations; but what we must do is keep the commandments of God and never lose hope!

Indeed the Lord is in control. And He has wept for us all and He can, He will, wipe away all tears.