Remember when Ryan said….

Remember when newly re-elected Speaker Ryan said in his post re-election acceptance speech….


“I want to say to the American people: We hear you. We will do right by you. And we will deliver.”

Yeah. How long did that last? 

Read his position on Health Care here. Do not cherry pick through the first couple of I’m so wonderful to have done blah-blah-blah paragraphs. Really read and look for his personal beliefs in what he wants Government to control and pay for. 

Next read his big promotional plan for what he believes is “A Better Way” and see if you find #FullRepeal instead of repair as his agenda.

Then remember the One and Only Republican who voted AGAINST RYAN as the Speaker of the House in 2017. 

Yeah. I say KUDOS to Thomas Massie for having the courage to vote his conscience. Especially now that it appears Ryan and his cohorts are ignoring the will of the people who gave Republicans the majority to end Obamacare Hell. 

Please listen to Thomas Massie from 2015 at the 9.12 Grassroots Summit I attended and you will see why I respect him, immensely, for staying the course. Especially pay attention around the 6 minute mark on. See how the Swamp Leaders punished Massie and Meadows for staying the course and what it took for them to fight back.

Do you really think Paul Ryan is going to #FullRepeal or just keep smirking and smiling and massaging your emotional response to remain on the ACA plantation? 

Remember: ALL Americans deserve the freedom to choose a plan without Government interference or control.

Additional Reading: 

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Lame Duck, Elections, Mike Needham

Mike Needham has a great Op-Ed Open Letter in response to a recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed. Mike is my hero when it comes to speaking plainly, fairly, and pointedly.

My thoughts on his op-ed?

“but they are appear eager to dismiss its root causes.” ~ Yes. The Lame Duck Continuing Resolution through December 8th is an example. The excessive increasing of the National Debt is an example. The insane Drafting of Women is an example.

And how is Paul Ryan any different than his predecessor, John Boehner, as an example? (1)

What has Mitch McConnell offered the American people and is he as good as his word? (2)

“Failing to deliver promised electoral consequences will have consequences” said Lester Jackson.(3)

As a member of Heritage Foundation, having used their research in conjunction with other think tank ideas, I cautiously watched the Heritage Action (HAction) program unfold. I wanted to see how things were going work, how consistent HAction was going to be, what it would become.  It did not take me long to appreciate the focused educational approach HAction takes in promoting and framing debates for Constitutional centered ideas. Mike Needham exceeded my expectations as CEO. 

Remember when Mike said: 

Here we are in 2016 and Mike is still correct. And he is right today when he talks about the Opportunity for All: Favoritism to None Solutions that matter most, fair solutions that any candidate, especially Donald Trump, should be focused upon if serious about winning this election and serving as President of the United States.

Do your own research. Download your copy here. Read it. Study it. Challenge your thinking and stand on common ground for the common good. 

And then educate your House and Senate members. #MakeDCListen



A few Lame Duck Issues: 

Wah Wah Wah: #NeverTrump is a vote for Hillary

A #SocialistCircus is a Socialist Circus no matter who is running the Socialist Circus. I am not a Socialist. Socialism Kills therefore I cannot vote for a #RepublicanSocialist just like I cannot vote for a #DemocratSocialist nor any Socialist in any party. Yeah, and that goes for Gary Johnson, #LIbertarianSocialist.

Ted Cruz did indeed #FrameTheDebate with the same values and principles that he has been living since he was a young man therefore IF you cannot read his #RNCinCLE speech and see that clearly then you are “too stupid to talk to,” (quoting a very smart friend). 

To all of my friends who feel they have to vote for Trump: Knock yourselves out! 

To the rest of you who feel you have to join the #GoldenTrumpProscenium throng: Go Ahead! 

Trump has plainly stated he does not need people like me. He can win without me. He can do it all, be it all and be the best, the greatest, the winningest at doing and being whatever he and his minions claim therefore it must be true. (snark) 

So why won’t Trump and his minions just walk away and leave me and Ted Cruz alone?

The evidence is out there. His daughter’s remarks were eerily #ProgressivePlatform based. The Donald’s acceptance speech was crafted with disturbing Socialist rhetoric. Read it. Do not read it. Believe it. Do not believe it. 

As for me, I will not vote for a man I have watched as a progressive since the 1970’s. He is not the kind of person I can, in good conscience, vote for. He is no better than Hillary Clinton in my opinion. 

Oh. About the #LesserOfTwoEvils argument, I reject them both. #NeverTrump=#NeverHillary and anyone can choose to vote for something better. 

Your vote. You own it

Like Erik Erickson, I too am moving on. I am all in for getting rid of the Progressives in government regardless of party. 

My Vote. I own it. 



  1. 10 Things Trump Said But Says He Didn’t 
  2. Fighting Trump – documentary
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  4. Ivan Trump Says Donald Trump Will Impose Oversight of Wages and Mandate “Affoardable” Child Care
  5. Donald Trump on New York Values – In His Own Words
  6. Trump’s New GOP Cheers Homosexuality and Boos God. I’m Done.
  7. The Inside Story of National Review’s big Anti-Donald Trump Issue

My Love Letter to 26.2 CrossFit

This post is dedicated to the joy and love I feel for my Coaches and teammates at 26.2 CrossFit in Rockledge, Florida. 

Two years ago I discovered 26.2 CrossFit. It took me two months to get up the courage to call and make the commitment to go to a class. I had, as Coach Allie describes it, stalked the box online and driven past it a few times before actually calling him to commit to a three-class-free visit. The moment he assured me I would not throw-up in his box I knew I would be committed to the process. 

The Coaches

Allie in Action Skills and Drills

Thanks Allie, for making it so easy for me go to the playground. Thank you for the ATLAS SHRUGGED 3 WoD, for the Marine Corp Marathon T-shirts you donated to my VFWA Rocket Post 4534 and for 26.2 CrossFit & Rockledge Barbell Club for working with us on the Stop 22 shirts. Thanks for taking my initial telephone call, for being so delightfully charming that you drew me into the box without reservation. Thanks for your sincerity, your kindness, your easy-breezy yet firm resolve in coaching style. Thanks for pressing me in such a positive way to do more than I thought I could.

Atlas Shrugged 3 WoD: April 12, 2014

3 rounds of

  • 14 dead lifts
  • 12 cleans
  • 9 shoulder to overheads. 
  • Weight should be 80% of your jerk and there is a 10 calorie row penalty for letting go of the bar during the triplet. 

Very Special Thanks to my Coach Shane. The perfect first CrossFit coach for me, you made it very easy for me to stick with the Endurance class three times a week and not want to flee away in tears or terror. You gave me the space I needed to move forward when I was ready and you always let me know just what I should do when I wanted to ease up. My favorite memories will always be those times when I not only surprised myself by doing something I had never been able to do before but it surprised you as well. The look on your face, the slightly raised eyebrows with a hmmm still makes me giggle. Thank you for encouraging me to embrace rowing on my off days! Thanks for enduring my dumb looks, hateful face, and #NotRollingMyEyes. 

Todd Tom Shane Sapphire

Lauri 2016 UprisingThanks to my Coach Lil’ Miss Lauri! Your infectious attitude, your competitive spirit, and your joy for CrossFit was and still is totally inspiring! Your continuous encouragement is extremely appreciated. Your happy squeals for the successes that come my way are like gold medals around my neck. Thanks for honking and cheering me on when you see me running. Whenever you are around a WoD it is always a P-A-R-T-Y.  A work-it-hard party, but a party nonetheless. (tee hee)

Coach Jamie – you are my rowing inspiration forever. I remember the first time I saw you row against Allie and your technique stuck in my brain. Knowing you and Coach Lance are Marines always made me want to work hard and not be a wimp, well, at least not publicly. 

Coach Marc – you are the wild warm-up guy that has challenged my abilities. The work-out before the work-out man. Thanks so much for your Go Ruck attitude. Thanks for letting me work up to your warm-up antics. You are awesome!

Nil and Kiel - Strongman Coaches

Coaches Nil and Kiel (Rockledge Barbell Club at 26.2 CrossFit– I wish I had more time to Strongman train with you. Thanks for teaching me to improve my deadlift significantly. The last WoD I did with 2 minutes of deadlifts was awesome because you took the time on a Saturday to work with me! (Yeah, I still need major work but the DLs were much improved thanks to my socks.

I also want to mention two substitute coaches when I first started. They are Paul H., the equivalent of Captain Awesome from CHUCK, and the truly adorable Alex G. They were so incredible sweet to me, the little old, grey haired lady when I started. Like Coach Jamie, Coach Paul is with me when I row and Coach Alex is in my head every time I have to do squats, especially air squats. Thanks guys!

The Teammates

A special shoutout to Strongman Reed Tompkins! You are amazing in the box and out in the community. I am a better person for having gotten to know you, your work ethic and your business ethic. 

Thank you to every one of my teammates! To all of you in the 5:30 a.m. class seeing you finish strong always made me want to do the same. Mike T. who always kills it. Danielle and Mark Q. who never quit. Jen H. for her scrapes and bruises and blistered hands and those awesome shoulders and arms and the Prancing Pony, Frankenstein Penguin Walk. Oh, and Mark Q. for his donuts and fried chicken, too. (Yeah. That is still so not right to put in front of the Chubby Chick, dude!)

The Biggest Hurrah goes to my 6:30 a.m. teammates that have come and gone over these past two years. I miss my first year mates a lot! Thank you Gabe and Michel for being my best cheerleaders ever. Thank you Linda S. for always coming back for me when you finished your run while I shuffled to the finish. To Sara G. and Karen R. for the team spirit, eye rolls and laughter. I always measured myself to you and found great joy in trying to keep up. As you improved, so did I if I kept up by half. To Mikey K. and that head of hair! Your example of just get in and git ‘er done with a game face focus was impressive. To Slim Tim, you always made me smile and made the WoD lighthearted. And Darc with that Mary Tyler-Moore adorableness even after running five miles before the WoD began. 

Slim Tim Bday Killer WoDDarc

Sapphire, Marlana and Sylvia and that speedy dude, Tom (who runs 3+ rounds to my 1) and Jason and Aaron, you have brought me such joy in the morning! And Todd, the consistent! (Where have you been lately dude?)  

Priscilla and Brandi: you little, adorable creatures are just the cutest Strong Mamas. Totally inspirational watching you the past two years and now you are killing it on the lifting!

To all of you on the Saturday Partner WoDs for letting me be the best me I could be as the slowest and the last place finisher every time, thank you. And to those in the other classes that I popped into on occasion, your patience and tolerance for my skill-set was very much appreciated. Thank you so much for never judging me and for the encouragement to keep going as you watched me finish the WoD  (Rosa, Sarah M., Claire, Evan, Natalieand so many others!) 

Heartfelt Gratitude to Natalie and Shane for putting together the lovely farewell party at Allie’s house. The Chubby Chick cake was simply out-of-this- world-delicious! 

fat chick cake smal

Thanks to my 26.2 CrossFit Coaches and with encouragement from my Teammates, I have run two 2 Milers, two 5Ks and I did the CrossFit Uprising 2016 Challenge, where I killed it on the weight pulling thing and the tires. (Yeah, the two judges at those stations were surprised too.)


Again, my heart is so grateful for the 26.2 CrossFit vibe (as the newest Coach, Kyle Z., calls it). My life is so much fuller for the blood, sweat, tears, blisters, fears, pains, joys, and successes we have shared. I will truly miss being at the playground with you!

Natalie and Me
Until we meet again! God bless and keep you!

Another Layer of Freakspeak: Task Forces

One of my favorites to follow on Twitter is Dean Clancy. When I saw his post and clicked the Paul Ryan link I thought my head would pop off as I shouted, “What is this task force nonsense?”

Seriously Speaker Ryan? Task Forces? Are you the Big Giant head sending a message of delay, destroy, and deter the Conservative agenda?

Dude, You are so Boehnered. Seriously, after that pathetic opening at the Conservative Policy Summit 2016 where you preached capitulation so we can all sit down together and move forward with the Progressive agenda, do you think anyone is fooled by your Dilbert-Boss approach to making it happen?

Task Forces? Seriously? Another layer on the dung heap?


How do you do that?

CLEAN THE BARN DUDE! Haul out the dung heap of a mess that you, Speaker Ryan, and Boehner created in 2015 with the Bipartisan Budget Act. Go back to the 2011 Budget Control Act, at least, and put your House in order from that point of reference.


How do you do that?

STOP BEING A PELOSIVICH-BOEHNERITE. Stop making everything a crisis like a Progressive. Stop. Just take one issue, one reform, at a time. Clean your stall first and then one stall at a time thereafter. Clean it. Clean it well. You can start with Defunding Obamacare so it makes it easier to get rid of it in 2017.

Take back the #PowerOfThePurse line item at a time. You don’t need no stinkin’ task force to tell you that.


How do you do that?

STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY ON TASK FORCES. It used to be the GOP had a platform. They hammered it out during election cycles and WE, The People, voted on who we send to make the changes in Washington DC.

WE, not YOU, want things hammered out with Public Oversight and that is why we keep electing more Conservatives to Congress so you listen to WE, the People not task forces.

Finally – It is all about #ReclaimAmerica and Article 1. It would appear you skipped that #A1P event the other day so I am posting it here for your convenience. You can watch and learn on your own time to save people from wallowing through another stinkin’ task force meeting.

There you go Mr. Speaker. Task Force fait accompli. 



My Political #ChuckBartowski: Ted Cruz

Last week the flu, this week bronchitis with lots and lots of time to obsess over news, politics, the Iowa Caucus, Twitter and other social media. So now I want to discuss a thought that keeps coming into mind as the attacks against Ted Cruz are mercilessly relentless. 

The anti-Ted Cruz faction keeps hammering the line that Ted Cruz is not likeable therefore he is not electable, but IT IS A LIE. And I am sick of hearing that lie.

Ted Cruz is a Nerd. He is a political Nerd and I use all but one thing in Zachary Levi’s definition of Nerd to define Ted:  

“One whose unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person without fear of others people’s judgment.”  

Ted Cruz is like every Nerd I know, passionate, smart, and all too often goofy. And best of all, he has trained himself to bridle his passion, which is evidenced in his familial relationships. That is what makes him an exceptional Nerd. 

Ted Cruz’s ability to bridle his passion is evidenced in the debates. He is well-tempered. His Nerdiness slips out from time to time but it is never in the form of a temper tantrum or harsh words hurled to those with whom he disagrees. His Nerdiness is simply personal awkwardness or goofiness, never hurtful toward other individuals. 

How is that not lovable? How does that awkwardness not remind one about all the goofiness in oneself? 

I came to watch the NBC series CHUCK through Netflix last year. I was busy trying to finish college (late in life) so was not into it’s first television run other than seeing a commercial from time to time. The commercials never enticed me away from my studies. In fact, I only decided to watch it after seeing Zachary Levi in a Hallmark Movie REMEMBER SUNDAY. He was delightful in that role. Goofy, but delightful. 

So that lead me to watch CHUCK, the entire series, once by myself, once with my Pops, and now a third time with my sister (though we are but halfway through the series). So I consider myself somewhat familiar with the Nerd Herd and especially Chuck Bartowski

A few weeks ago I was watching Ted Cruz on some program and it smiling for the umpteenth time I chuckled saying outloud He is such an adorable Nerd. And then I FLASHED! He is so #ChuckBartowski! 

Those of you who “know” Chuck Bartowski know exactly what I mean about Ted Cruz. CHUCK isn’t perfect either. But CHUCK is likeable and he grows on you. Just ask SARAH and CASEY.

Ted Cruz IS likable. He is LOVEABLE. He is a delightful, lovable, charming Nerd.

THEREFORE Ted Cruz IS electable. He is electable for many reasons. 1) He is smart. He is wicked smart. 2) Ted is tough when he needs to be and equally tender when appropriate. 3) He embraces the debate, he welcomes people who challenge his ideas. 4) He is adorable and awkward at times. 5) He infuriates the opposition yet 6) Ted charms with a smile. 7) His eyes light up when people, like Megyn Kelly, realize they have misjudged him. 8) He relishes being part of the team and likes to make sure We, The People, are included as his friends. 9) He loves  and fears God and equally accepts others whose faith differs from his own. 10) He is conscious of his family, treats his wife with great respect and adoration. And that is just the beginning of all the things that make up the man, Ted Cruz. Top Ten Cruz List

His passions for life, liberty and happiness run deep, interwoven into the fibers of his being. He is a Nerd. He is a LOVEABLE, likable, electable, Political Nerd. 

Join to be part of the Ted Cruz Political Nerd Herd and be sure to get the APP. 


Mother HOA, May I?

Chelsea Park HOA vs First Amendment

Having lived in my “deed restricted” community since 2006 and having placed political signs in my yard each election cycle, and having seen political signs in my neighborhood all these years, guess what came in my mailbox this week? 

Anti Political Signs HOA

So here is the June 1995 Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Chelsea Park, retrieved from the World Wide Web sign decree in this screenshot: 

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.09.26 PM

Who would ever think that section was meant to stifle free speech during an election cycle? Who would think that would be used to deny Chelsea Park Residents their First Amendment Right to place a sign to support of a Candidate during a Primary Election Cycle or to override the United States Constitution

Seriously. When did the HOA decide to enforce this rule and apply it to Political Signs during a Primary Election Cycle? Especially THIS political cycle?

How is it the HOA allows that one can put up all sorts of holiday decorations and holiday signs throughout the year but not a Candidate sign during an election cycle? And how is it one can put up a Football or Baseball Team Flag but not a sign for a Candidate during an election cycle?  

Did someone say Mother HOA, May I? 

Perhaps I need to get a flag for my Candidate made and fly it from a flag pole like the Sport flags or banners I see in some yards. Or maybe getting a partial wrap on my truck so I can park it on the street or my driveway for my Candidate is in order?

Mother HOA, May I?

Oh wait. I hate that game. So allow me to #FrameTheDebate by asking some other questions:

  1. Why would any HOA Board of Directors stifle any resident from exercising the right and moral obligation to uphold civic standards by being Politically Active during any election cycle? 
  2. Why has the HOA Board of Directors chosen this particular year to attack political yard signs during the most critical Republican Primary in Florida? 
  3. Why, when my candidate’s sign has been up for over one month’s time, is this now an issue when Absentee/Early voting ballots are being sent out on January 30th? 
  4. Did a neighbor complain?
  5. Does the current HOA Rule Enforcer have a Political Sign issue? (We all have our issues.)
  6. Was it the original intent of the Covenant/Rules writers to kill a homeowners unalienable right to exercise the 1st Amendment during any campaign season?
  7. How does the HOA pick and choose which signs are yard worthy for display outside of the for sale-for rent restriction? 

Honestly, it has never occurred to me that placing my candidate(s) sign on my personal property during an election cycle was a violation of the sacred HOA covenants. After all, seasonal items are placed in someone’s yard all year round because like I said, we all have our issues that mean something to us in their season. 

Power to Do vs Clever Phrases

Gary C. Lawrence gave sage advice to young voters in 1972 and it is advice applicable to making wise election decisions today. As the next Republican debate approaches and due to the vast number of candidates vying for attention in what is too often a soundbite forum,  there are three things that I keep focusing on when it comes to each candidate’s ability to communicate with voters.

One particular thing Lawrence suggests is: 

Watch out for nutshell history, that glib phrase that pretends to adequately encompass a complex topic. …. Scrutinize every slogan. The more clever the phrase, the greater our responsibility to verify its accuracy.

Another important point Lawrence brings up is the deception through drama or the use of sophistry to deemphasize truly important issues:

Some issues lend themselves to dramatization more readily than others. Crime issues, for example, are much easier to emphasize than a complicated economic situation. But the economic issue may be more important in a certain district than the crime issue. Check to be sure the candidates are addressing the issues on the basis of actual importance and not on the basis of ease of emphasis. Especially watch for fear appeals here.

And the last point in Lawrence’s piece I would like to focus on is critically thinking through promises candidates make:

Distinguish between promises of effort and guarantees of end results. A legislator can promise to introduce legislation and work for its passage, but he isn’t in a position to guarantee it becoming law if the executive says he’ll veto it. Similarly, an executive-type officeholder can promise to ask for authority to institute certain programs, but he can’t promise they’ll become fact if his legislature resists. Weigh and analyze promises of effort, but shy away from guarantees.

That brings to me these two, excellent sources for Presidential Candidate Comparisons: 


And finally, the same five questions that seem to be the right questions for all candidates to answer in order to be considered as a properly vetted candidate: 

  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to limit the size and scope of the federal government and return authority to states and to the American people?
  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to cut taxes and spending and rein in the debt?
  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to get rid of Obamacare and promote healthcare solutions based on free enterprise, not government controls?
  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to protect America from foreign threats, secure the border, and develop a robust, principled foreign policy that puts America first?
  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to ensure that our judges and lawmakers uphold the Constitution of the United States, starting by halting executive overreach?


Correction on December 31: A punctuation and a word omission.

When will Bill Posey Frame the Debate to Reclaim America?

The phrase “the system is broken” when it comes to Congress makes me irate. The problem is too many Politicians are Corrupt and Abusing Power for Personal Gain. It appears they, miscreant politicians, are the ones employing sophistry in by trying break honorable men and women who are working to reclaim America.

I keep looking to my representatives, especially Bill Posey (R), to stand out as a leaders in framing the debate regarding the Washington Cartel holding the system hostage with the phraseology “broken budget process.”  After all, Republicans are in charge, not the Democrats. And my representative, Bill Posey, should expose any Republican working to pass bills favoring the Progressive agenda. Bill Posey should name the names of those behind close doors, negotiating with Democrats, far from public oversight and transparent, open debate. 

The huge Omnibus bill was not critical. An Omnibus bill is never essential or necessary to getting things done on the hill.  The Omnibus Bill  is and continues to be perpetuated by those who are THE BROKEN SYSTEM and by those who do not frame the debate to stop it.

The Shutdown, to stop totalitarianism, is never a bad thing. It should have been used to protect taxpayers from 1.1 Trillion in spending that burdens taxpayers. The Shutdown should be used EVERY time to press forward with a Conservative Agenda. Bill Posey needs to learn how to frame that debate if he is serious about his Libertarian-leaning Republican claims as a financially conservative guy. 

Shutting down the government to push for smaller, more responsible spending in government is not a bad thing. Therefore Posey must lead from the front, not behind, in teaching his constituents that fact.

Shutting down the government is the responsibility of Congress, of which Bill Posey is member. The onus is on Congress to effectively use the Power of the Purse to stop any Totalitarian from living out of taxpayer pockets while bankrupting America. Congress can and must have the will to shut down the government, just as it must have the will to force Obama to veto bill after bill to reclaim America thus allowing Obama to solidify his Anti-American agenda with the swish of his pen. 

Please understand that I, with many others in Florida, really want to support Bill Posey in any well-stated conservative position that he adequately frames for debate. But he must articulate what he will do, as a l-e-a-d-e-r, to reclaim America from Progressive Totalitarians.

  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to limit the size and scope of the federal government and return authority to states and to the American people?
  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to cut taxes and spending and rein in the debt?
  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to get rid of Obamacare and promote healthcare solutions based on free enterprise, not government controls?
  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to protect America from foreign threats, secure the border, and develop a robust, principled foreign policy that puts America first?
  • What are you doing or What will you do as a LEADER to ensure that our judges and lawmakers uphold the Constitution of the United States, starting by halting executive overreach?


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