A life full of surprises

As noted, we took our 2010 vehicle in for servicing a couple of problems and came out with a new and different vehicle as a cost effective solution.

The very next day we loaded a piece of furniture in the back of the new vehicle to get it reupholstered and I took a backward tumble, whacking my fanny-side. 

Today, I spent some time in urgent care getting X-rays. That was an insanely painful process in spite of a wonderful technician who did all he could to make things as easy as possible for me! Nothing looked broken and no hairline fractures were obvious but the Physician Assistant sent them out to a Radiologist just to be sure. The results should be back tomorrow, maybe Friday. 

Yes. I am in pain. Yes, I can barely walk. Yes, Honey-do had to change his flight and take extra leave to take care of me. Yes, it is an inconvenience but somehow this is all part of the Lord’s plan and as my friend mentioned, “It sure makes you wonder what the heck He is thinking.” 

Truly it is all good. It could be worse. This too shall pass. It certainly did in 2017 and since 2018 is starting out the same, I say so based on getting over last year’s mishaps. 


Expecting the unexpected

Driving from Montgomery Alabama to Florida last Monday proved to be a bit nerve-racking when the tire pressure sensor light kept popping on. Later on, down the road, when we stopped to put gas in the car and when restarting the vehicle, the power steering locked up. It was concerning, but we had driven all night. We were close to our Florida home therefore turned off the car, restarted it to see if that cleared out the steering problem, which it did, and then we forged on until we reached our destination. 

Today, the fate of the car was determined when it was found out repair costs were more than the worth of the vehicle. 

We traded that vehicle in for an SUV that gets the same mileage as the car did. 

Love all the bells and whistles of our new 2017 treasure. 


Area Conference and Family Time

Today was a fantastic Southeastern Area Conference broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah. What made it especially great for me was 1) even though we were not in our Montgomery Alabama Stake Center and were here in the Cocoa Florida Stake Center, we got to see the very same broadcast live!, and 2) I got to enjoy it with my sister and her son, one of my nephews, who came to visit for the day.

It was truly heartwarming to see my many wonderful friends and their families at that same conference. It is always such a joy to see so many, firm in the faith, dedicated to serving the Lord in His Church. 

Speakers for the day included  

  1. Elder Ulisses Soares
  2. Sister Neill F. Marriott
  3. Bishop Dean M. Davies
  4. Elder David A. Bednar

After the worship service my extended family came home where we enjoyed a family meal together, like so many conferences over the last ten years. During our lunch we rehearsed the things we learned and felt, taking to heart the spirit we felt during the mighty and powerful sermons.  

The call to action was plain and simple, yet cutting like a two edged sword. The chaining of scriptures, the pattern of teaching and learning was clearly articulated and demonstrated and testified to so there was no misunderstanding about that which we must do to know Jesus Christ, to apply His Atoning Sacrifice in our lives, and to remain faithful and true to His Gospel as wickedness abounds, or will increase.

The messages of faith and hope in Jesus Christ were uplifting and edifying. There was much to rejoice in and about.

God Lives. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us all.

Alleluia, Halaluyah, Hallelujah.  


Earmarks: Let them die with Death Tax

The Republican Leadership needs to stop yammering on about the Tax Cut and Jobs Act already. 

  1. Tax Cuts were not permanent.
  2. It was a sorely incomplete package to begin with.
  3. There is still so much more that needs to be done to make it #RealTaxReform permanently!  

And now, with all of the antics going on regarding bring back earmarks it makes me wonder if the Progressive Republican Leadership (PRL)  is using self-praise as a smokescreen. Else why keep tweeting on and on after a barely decent bill is passed, as though the PRL saved the people with a measly, not permanent tax cut? 





A quick trip Beachside: I’ll be back!

What a joy to see my friend, Crystal today! She is the owner of Hayes Upholstery & Crystals Closet And it was a bonus to see our mutual friend, Tori, who arrived at Crystal’s shop just ahead of me by a few seconds. It was grand to have a little spontaneous time to meet and get caught up on a year and a half of news in 2 minutes time. Well, with Tori since she was popping in and out before moving on to the next place. 

Crystal is my delightfully, talented friend. She is a brilliant upholsterer, definitely an incredibly hard worker. Best of all she is honest, forthright and fair. You cannot know how seeing her business thrive, more so than ever before, brought me much happiness! She is, truly, one of the hardest working women that I know. Crystal deserves every ounce of success and then some for her tenacity to do great works.

Crystal’s Closet is her dream adventure. It is the cutest little shop right around the corner from her upholstery place, filled with all sorts of wonderful beach themed decorative items and furniture for your household. She has some great furniture pieces, pottery, necklaces, pillows, tables, chairs, pictures, wall hangings, just a hodgepodge of interesting items.

It is a magic closet indeed!  There was just that perfect something for me! 

Anyway, I took in one of the cushions from my leather couch to see if she happened to have something close to repair the top piece of the cushion. Luckily, she does and, even more lucky for me, she can squeak in the job so I have it back before I put my house on the market.


Now, to get my ottoman-chest over there for a magic-touch redo too! 




Tryna fina paint colluh

Another short post. Hoping to have wifi tomorrow so I can use my laptop instead of my mobile phone.

Today was hunt-for-the-right-paint-color-day.

Tomorrow is go-back-to-the-paint-store-to-get-four-more-sample-colors to paint on the wall.

Trying to choose the right color for selling our home is stressful. The choices so far seem boring and drab to the incredible Richard’s Paint color currently on the wall.

Can I get an Amen for the Pink Swan 2161-P!!?

Will post all of the paint on the wall tomorrow.


I hate being edited…

Creating something, anything, is the best feeling. The process is my favorite part, working and reworking through the initial thought process, gathering information to help form a mental picture of what needs to happen. I love the twists and turns that sometimes pop up. But what I really love are those wonderful times when from beginning to end it, the idea, seems to flow without effort and voila! There it is. The creation. 

Ususally, it is when I feel satisfied with myself and the creation that I then learn my work must be edited.

I hate being edited. It usually shatters my euphoria. It almost always irritates me. 

And yet, deep inside, I know that editing is part of a creative process. And almost always I come to see that the best part of the creative process is to endure the refiner’s fire.


My little old boy: Boots

Well, my little old boy, who is now going on 16, is really showing his age this week. He is a Shetland Sheep Dog. Boots is the name he came with. We have had him since 2004. He is a great dog so it is difficult to see him struggle sometimes.

Yesterday I picked him up from the Doggie Daycare and the Vet Tech had to carry him out for Boots was sort of Fred Flintsone-ing it. He just could not get his feet underneath him, plus disoriented. The sweet young lady holding him seemed a bit distressed or perhaps worried. 

It is cold here. He is old. Sometimes it takes Boots a long time to get his bearings let alone get his bum up off the ground to begin his geriatric stroll. Even then, that very often begins with him walking in a circle for about 5 turns until he has enough momentum to straighten himself out and head an any particular direction. 

Today Boots was somewhat better however, he did not eat very much. Some days are like that. Some days he eats all his food. Some days he nibbles or eats nothing at all.

His blood work on Tuesday was within a normal range. That was good news.

But he is old. He will not live forever. So every day I look him in the eyes to see if he is ready to move on, but no, he is not. Not yet. He is simply happy to be loved, and patted, and held. 

I am truly happy for each day I get to hold on to him just a little longer. 


Spent the day on Primary binders

It is that time of year when updating all of the information for 2018 Primary binders with the new theme and teacher changes in our children’s organziation happen. For weeks I have tucked in time here or there to work on class lists, class schedules, and so many other things that need to be printed, organized, sorted, protected by sheet protectors, filed, and so on until my brain is now alphabet soup. 

One more day of final details and Basta! 


Thank goodness for ‘lectric blankies

Compared to last winter in Montgomery, well, there is no comparison to this winter. All I can say is I love my little space heater and my dual control electric blanket.

And my Dearfoam cable knit faux shearling slippers.  

And my Walmart sweatpants. 

And my Atlas Shrugged Crew Hoodie Sweatshirt that zips.

And my hot cocoa cup from KrispyKreme down the street. 

But mostly, I am thankful for my ‘lectric blankey.


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