Stop the Bullies: Be your own Lobbyist

It is your right and civil obligation to join with good men and women in honorable organizations to increase your capacity to make your voice heard in Government. You also have the right and civil obligation to be well informed in order to speak your mind. So allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of Heritage Action (HAction).mike-needham-demanded-change

First of all, standing against tyrant-progressive agendas is not bullying. Disagreeing with fervor is not bullying. And speaking for yourself, lobbying independently as a citizen is not bullying no matter what organization you choose to join with in order to keep yourself well informed. Well, let me rephrase that last part: No matter which sensible organization you join. 

Another way to be well informed is to know what the Progressives are doing to be organized and how they are now working to take on Conservatives who are tired of being bullied. Check out the following to see how they operate: 

HAction understands how to #FrameTheDebate to be effective in connecting with legislators. Because HAction stands for freedom, for transparency, and is notoriously thorough in discussing issues the HAction team members can usually present both sides on an issue, no matter how wrong one side is, for HAction team members embrace the opportunity for discourse in foundational principles steeped in the United States Constitution. 

Reagan Goverments 1st Duty.pngThose I know in HAction are usually calm and not prone to obnoxious outbursts. They speak well. They believe in the grassroots individual being equal to taking on responsibility to become self-educated on subjects that are of concern to the nation. HAction leadership trusts You and Me, The We in the people, to help keep legislators informed.

Together, we work to keep information flowing to our neighbors, our friends, and especially to our members of Congress. HAction team members, Sentinels, are all about being free to choose, not being coerced or “nudged” into doing things against our will




14 on 15/365

Sunday I wrote my fourteenth post and neglected to post it, thanks to heavy duty cough syrup for my bronchitis. I meant to review my initial piece and then post it before I fell asleep.

Evidently, I did not save it either so it is lost. Hence this little something in place of a completely different subject.

Such a sad, yet somber moment.

14 on 15/365

DeVos not your Cup-0-Tea? Who Cares?

Earlier today there was a discussion about Betsy DeVos on Facebook. The complainer tried to disavow Ms. DeVos as unqualified to hold the post of Secretary of Education. His big question? Name her qualifications because, says he:

 “My grandmother, and aunt were both teachers. I advocate them… I support THEM, and I RESPECT them… NOT someone pretending they know anything about TEACHING.

Period. “

That always makes me laugh when someone, who loves and supports teachers throws that out there. As though his personal connection to them, his respect for them is worth more than how anyone thinks, feels or believes about Ms. DeVos and her excellent qualifications (depending upon which side of her you stand).

I, too, support teachers, ones who are free thinkers, who have not had to fall in lockstep with Teacher Unions or coerced into joining a union or forced into indoctrinating children. 

I believe in not pitting school teachers against parents who are the primary teachers of children, or replacing parents as primary educators in the home. I believe that those claiming to care for children because their parents do not is wrong. I do not believe in educators who pit children against parents or families. 

I believe that some public administrators in schools too often serve the educational bidding of talking heads desirous to simply indoctrinate children under the guise that licensed or certified educators are smarter than parents or even taxpayers. In fact, I also believe that anyone with vision toward a Gentle Revolution to break the administrative stranglehold being driven in public schools is a threat to administrator and teacher job security. 

What I find fascinating, and what I truly believe, is anyone who can read can learn. And if you can read and learn from what you read, you certainly can teach it to another person. Now, you might not be the best reader, best learner, or best teacher but that does not disqualify you from being smart enough to chose to, or not to, blindly follow some talking head administrator or teacher.

It seems to be that for years, and I mean at least thirty years, I have heard the “poor teachers” mantra. Well guess what. It is going to be worse for them thanks to innovation with teaching and the Internet. With freedom to homeschool and charter schools the threat has and will increase for those seeking tenured, job stability in a changing work force. And that job threat reality is not unique to the field of teaching in public schools as technology continues to rapidly advance.

It used to be people worked for 25 to 30 years to earn their pensions. Public Service has now become the taxpayer burden to support, for life, those who work and demand funding for a lifestyle to which they are or wish to be accustomed after being vested at merely ten years.

Ten years! That in itself is ridiculous, especially when you add up all of the benefit packages the “poor” teachers have racked up thanks to Unions, and all without the opportunity to, as businesses must, learn from failures and successes. 

So back to DeVos and her qualifications. Well, there are things to be concerned about regarding her personal agenda. I ran a search on her from sources I trust. The who-what-why-when-where-how pendulum swing is interesting but to say she is not qualified to be Secretary of Education is deceitful.  She may not be your cup of tea but who cares, except you. 

  1. Betsy DeVos Conservative Review
  2. Betsy DeVos Daily Signal
  3. Betsy DeVos Front Page Magazine 
  4. Betsy DeVos Freedom Works
  5. Besty DeVos The Federalist

My vision is #Abolish the Department of Education and #StopCommonCore. And I am happy to do my part to make that happen regardless of who sits as Secretary in the DOE. The fact that Progressives #FearTheDeVos is a bonus in my book. I can live with the Daily Signal’s 10 Priorites for Betsy DeVos.


10 Priorities … Link corrected 12 Feb. 2017


Politics: A good rule to remember


Earlier today, Adam Hasner tweeted:  A good rule to remember…”In business there’s 
competition. In politics there’s opposition”,
 and his words immediately brought to light many things that I have seen in my lifetme. It is especially meaningful today, now that a
bunch of roughians have descended upon Mitch McConnell’s home in Kentucky. 

A great site you ought to get to know is the You should also get to know the founder, David Horowitz. He does tell all, pulling no punches when it comes to politics. He understands how to compete in the arena of ideas as he and his team frame the debate in opposition to those who seek to destroy our freedoms.

Please take time to peruse all of the sites and material available to you while particularly checking out THE BLACK BOOK OF THE AMERICAN LEFT.




No Welching: Full Repeal and End FedED

Thomas Massie, yeah, that one, was on DANA this evening and it was a fabulous segment. He spoke about how his #EndFedED bill came about. You can read about the bill on his webpage. What a great gift to taxpayers and children everywhere if you can get your members of Congress to sign on to the bill immediately. #OneIssueOneVote. (And #SassyWithMassie) 

So what is the deal, the hold up in the House Ways & Means Committee, the House Energy & Commerce Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, and the Senate Health & Education & Labor & Pensions Committee in getting it together to write a budget reconciliation bill with #FullRepeal of Obamacare in it? Why the stalling? Who is stalling the full repeal of Obamacare when it really should have been, from the beginning a #OneIssueOneVote. 

James Wallner frames a great debate about the nonsense in delaying Full Repeal. He writes, “Congressional Democrats are unlikely to negotiate when the price of doing so is to facilitate Obamacare’s demise.”

So again the question must be asked and voters must know WHO is holding up the full repeal of Obamacare in each committee, when a simple up or down vote to end the nightmare for so many people suffering from #ObamacareHell should have happened already? full-repeal-obamacare-years

Dan Bongino had a great Facebook Live post yesterday about “Are the Democrats setting themselves up for catastrophic losses in 2018?” My response to him was “… so how do we keep Republicans from ruining our Conservative lead? If there’s no #FullRepeal that will be on the Republicans who do not make it happen.”

Here we have Massie, who just jumps in and does the hard thing to #EndFedED and yet we have a House full of people too afraid to do the right thing, the very thing they were voted into office for, actually riding #FullRepeal of Obamacare into the offices they sit in today.  

It makes me wonder if the flinchers, the welchers – possible implementers of sophistry, are even capable of reducing the role of government in any form or fashion. 




Worthy of Repeated Reading

Daniel Greenfield is a favorite read. He is an incredibly, prolific writer. Honestly I have no idea how he does it except that he is truly blessed with a gift. Check out:

Yeah, impressive. People who write with such passion and clarity amaze me. 

From my youth I have another favorite writer and speaker, the late, Neal A. Maxwell. The best way to describe him are in the words of the late Gordon B. Hinckley’s funeral tribute to his friend: 

“When he opened his mouth, we all listened.

“His genius was a product of diligence. He was a perfectionist, determined to extract from each phrase and sentence every drop of nourishment that could be produced. Each talk was a masterpiece, each book a work of art worthy of repeated reading. I think we shall not see one like him again.”

As I sat thinking about what to write today both of these men popped into mind. I cannot imagine the discipline it takes for Mr. Greenfield to crank out so many articles each day. Nor can I imagine the time and discipline it took for Elder Maxwell to “extract” the words to create such “nourishment” in his

At day ten of this daily writing challenge I am painfully aware of my weaknesses. And yet, with practice, I hope to be able to make marked improvements and perhaps write something, just one item of worth that is “art worthy of repeated reading”. 




We Choose Roku

In Florida we used DirecTV. In fact, we started with them when we bought our first home in Ohio. When we moved to Montgomery we decided that we could live without our satellite thanks to the Roku players we used in Florida. We got them when Glenn Beck started Glenn Beck TV that you may now know as The Blaze. After living in Montgomery for nearly seven months we find we can live without regular television.

Before we moved here we recorded a lot of things that we never watched. There were so many channels included in our package that we never watched. When we moved we found we had narrowed down what we did watch to so few channels with so few worthy watching programs that we simply did not want to waste money on that which was of little worth to us.

Now we pay for what we want. We really enjoy the variety on Netflix, love The Blaze for so many reasons, and recently we added CRTV because of Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin. Then we got Alabama Public Television, thank you Masterpiece and Mystery! and Doc Martin.

Even with these few channels we have The Blaze on most of the time. We do not mind as each channel has on demand access allowing us to pull up shows on a moments notice and that takes the pressure off the limits that come from recording shows.

Hallmark Channel is the one I really miss. Sometimes I just need mindless, emotional girl television programming to detox from the news I read and watch every day. That is why I took a chance and subscribed to Feeln. It seemed like a good idea.

The Feeln programming is okay. The ease in using the channel is not as user friendly as Netflix when it comes to watching a series. The selection of programs have include what I consider a bit advantgarde so find Hallmark Channel-like programming somewhat lacking in that perspective.  I do love the the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies. It would be nice to have more Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. (Not sure why Hallmark had two channels when one would truly do but certainly they could throw more over to Feeln.) I was thinking about canceling my subscription but they added the series, The Man From Snowy River. I hope they get more than the first series soon. 

That brings us to Netflix. There are some shows we have watched that are short shows from a season or missing a season. That is a total bummer! Nothing worse than missing pieces in a series unless it is watching a show out of order in a series! (It is a #Nerd thing.) 

The point of it all is we are only paying for that which we need, enjoying what we have, and supporting the types of programing that reflects what matters most to us.  That’s real capitalism, freedom to choose. 






Remember when Ryan said….

Remember when newly re-elected Speaker Ryan said in his post re-election acceptance speech….


“I want to say to the American people: We hear you. We will do right by you. And we will deliver.”

Yeah. How long did that last? 

Read his position on Health Care here. Do not cherry pick through the first couple of I’m so wonderful to have done blah-blah-blah paragraphs. Really read and look for his personal beliefs in what he wants Government to control and pay for. 

Next read his big promotional plan for what he believes is “A Better Way” and see if you find #FullRepeal instead of repair as his agenda.

Then remember the One and Only Republican who voted AGAINST RYAN as the Speaker of the House in 2017. 

Yeah. I say KUDOS to Thomas Massie for having the courage to vote his conscience. Especially now that it appears Ryan and his cohorts are ignoring the will of the people who gave Republicans the majority to end Obamacare Hell. 

Please listen to Thomas Massie from 2015 at the 9.12 Grassroots Summit I attended and you will see why I respect him, immensely, for staying the course. Especially pay attention around the 6 minute mark on. See how the Swamp Leaders punished Massie and Meadows for staying the course and what it took for them to fight back.

Do you really think Paul Ryan is going to #FullRepeal or just keep smirking and smiling and massaging your emotional response to remain on the ACA plantation? 

Remember: ALL Americans deserve the freedom to choose a plan without Government interference or control.

Additional Reading: 

  1. Health Care Reform by Freedom Works
  2. Health Care by Conservative Review
  3. Health Care Reform by Heritage Foundation



Do a Good Turn: Opportunities Right in the Way

So I am driving home from the box this afternoon when a couple of vehicles swerve out to the left lane and then back into to the right lane. My first thought, “Oh no! Someone has hit another dog and left it in the street!” as the line of travelers continued to follow the leader in turn.

No, thankfully, it was a big black trash bag about the size of a trash can sitting smack-dab in the middle of the lane with what looked like styrofoam packing shrapnel strewn about it. When a few more vehicles ahead of me did not stop it was obvious someone needed to take the time to at least clear the largest debris from the street, and it appeared that it needed to be me, the Little Old Gray Haired Lady (LOGHL). 

It is a busy road. Quickly thinking about how to safely deal with the problem I surmised it would be best to go around it, stopping on the far side. Then I realized I was able to immediately turn right onto the side street, hit my flashers, exit my truck to let down the tailgate. Great idea!

After the vehicles behind me served and continued forward there was a break in traffic. Quickly getting to the bag, sizing up how big it was, I had hoped a LOGHL, such as myself, could pick it up. It was awkwardly big but filled with styrofoam, yard clippings and other trash therefore not difficult to lug it over then heave it into the truck bed. It went smoothly as other vehicles continued driving toward the spot just cleared.

I guess I could have taken the time to clean up the other stuff, but in the moment felt like I had done all I could without putting myself in harms way. I was satisfied having done my part to make the streets of Montgomery a little less unkempt.Image-1.png

In a few moments I arrived home, backed the truck into the driveway, right up to my green garbage bin, got out and pulled down the tailgate to drag the bag to the top of the bin. Glad it fit.

Always leave a place better than you found it and please, if you like this post, donate to Friends of Scouting, even if it is only five dollars. Tell them I sent you.


Family Home Evening

One of our favorite times of the week is Monday evening. That is when we hold our Family Home Evening (FHE). We had one tonight. Just the two of us. 

We always begin with a song, then a prayer. As we have gotten older we have rolled in our Calendaring and Finance sessions if we do not have time to do those on Sunday evening. We have  a little lesson or activity. Then we end with a scripture reading, a song, and a prayer.

Even when we were separated due to my husband’s military responsibilities, we SKYPED, or telephoned when possible. Those FHE’s were usually shorter. But we had them just the same. 

We just like being together. 


Seeing Red AZ

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