Buh-bye Jeff Flake

Why can Jeff Flake not simply shut his mouth and move on? Seriously. He has only himself to blame for the problems he has created. The divisiveness in politics he describes, considering he used the Senate Conservatives Fund to get elected and then flipped, is clearly of his own making.  

Ben Domenech from The Federalist explains in his article JEFF FLAKE AUTHENTICATES THE PARTY OF TRUMP (please, take the time to read the entire artcle):

“Flake is also one of the rare politicians whose brand changed dramatically. In the 2000s, he was a Jim DeMint ally who took a strong libertarian stand on several issues, and criticized the George W. Bush administration from that perspective. In the Senate, his brand shifted significantly – and not just because of the Gang of Eight.”

What is so absolutely frustrating is how does Jeff Flake not take ownership of his choices?  Seriously. How does he not see himself as the biggest part of his problem. 

Remember When….? Well I most certainly do, Jeff.

Oh, and then there is Flake’s scorecard to consider (scroll through all pages to see exactly what he voted for and against).

While I am at it, here are the top 25 Progressive Republicans in the House and Senate according to Conservative Review

Yeah. Jeff Flake, the number 8 most Progressive Republican in Congress, is doing the right thing by ending his campaign, therefore Buh-bye and I mean it in the most Conservative-Libertarian-Christian way. 

Levin: Jeff Flake is no Barry Goldwater. He’s a sellout liberal 



Poorly Timed …

There was a story on The Blaze about Kelli Ward’s “poorly timed” email. Yes. Poorly timed indeed.

And yet Jeff Flake is not necessarily the best person for the Senate if you stand for Conservative Values.

Research facts on each candidate and scrutinize what is claimed by the candidate, what she or he stands for before and after being elected. 


  1. Conservative Review on Jeff Flake
  2. Heritage Action on Jeff Flake
  3. I dread showing the one from FreedomWorks because what they measure compared to Heritage and CR pales in comparison. 

Speaking of Poorly Timed: AHCA 

Where does Jeff Flake stand on #FullRepeal and has he kept his promises to stand as a Conservative from day one? 

Kelli Ward’s canddiate page. 


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