When only a great cheeseburger will do

Today was JRPC 2: 250j with the two pound, Fury rope, for time at Guns Out CrossFit.

I did it and then gently rowed 100 meters. 

After that I stopped in to see my old bowling team and friends at Bama Lanes.

 The final stop was to Sundown where I bought me a delicious cheeseburger with fries and chatted with the owner, my friend and CrossFit teammate and Coach, Susan Thomas.

Ain’t Life Grand? 

Oh, yeah.

228 /360

Guns Out CrossFit Bowling Team

FullSizeRender.jpgWhen I decided to join a bowling league things were all ready in progress for the 2016-17 season at Bama Lanes. Of the choices I was given, the Thursday night Pinsplitters Mixed League was the best time slot for me. It worked out well that Team 16 was in need of someone beginning week 5 and they were lucky enough (bwahaha) to have me be assigned to them. (Nancy, a way better bowler than me had to drop.)

I talked to Coach Charles about sponsoring the team and he agreed. The Team #16 changed to Guns Out CrossFit and we were off and bowling! And we certainly looked great in our team T-shirts.FullSizeRender

To complete my ensemble I went to Bama Lanes Pro Shop. I got a package deal on a ball, My Bowling History .jpgbag, and shoes. Granted it was a basic house ball-ball bag-shoes combo but they are mine and by my Bowler History Report it appears they are sufficient for my bowling skill set.

Currently Team Guns Out CrossFit is ranked 15th this week. That is out of 18 teams. 

At least #WeAreNotLast!