A Jacksonian what?

I like Dr. Sebastian Gorka but he said something today that has made me a little concerned.  In a radio interview on WMAL with Steve Malzberg, Dr. Gorka said (approximately at 7:34 mark):

My aim right now is a multiple approach. We have to create the platform for a true Jacksonian National Security Foreign Policy agenda to support the President.

That has given me pause to go back to some things I remember hearing or reading: 

  1. Here is a book review in the Washington Times:

Hamiltonians, Jeffersonians, plus Wilsonians and Jacksonians   

 2) Here is Beck University on Jackson:

SCHWEICKART: Well, I’m doing Andrew Jackson is the first era of big government, how Andrew Jackson destroyed America, to use hyperbole, but he really is the first real progressive, big government executive that we have. And, you know, I taught on this in the class, but I went back and looked at some notes that a student of mine had done for me many years ago on the actual numbers of per capita expenditures, nominal and real expenditures by the U.S. Government, and government employees in the early 1800s. And it’s quite amazing. All three categories jump and jump sharply under Jackson. For the first time you start to see a large number of government employees, certainly per capita the number of government employees goes up. So it’s strange that Jackson is always portrayed as kind of a small government guy but in almost every way, he is the founder of big government.

Source: Beck University – Andrew Jackson

It would be fantastic to hear Dr. Gorka speak more on his idea of what a Jacksonian NSF policy agenda would look like. Would it be a one size fits all for every situation or would it be tailored to individual conflicts or wars? 

It would be great if he debated his ideas at Heritage Foundation with CATO and Bill Kristol on a panel. James J. Carafano would be a great moderator.