Good, better and…

Sitting here with the screen door closed, the wind is blowing the crisp sea air causing the trees branches to sway, shaking leaves. The quiet of my neighborhood allows me to enjoy the rustling sounds of oaks and the gentle movements of the palm leaves. The temperature has risen to 71 degrees and it is merely 11:10 a.m.

Janie Belle taking advantage of the open screen door after a romp outside. 

Winter in Central Florida is truly lovely. My dogs could not be happier as they take turns sitting at the open door, sniffing the air that wafts through the screen.

While writing letters to those I visit teach back in Montgomery, Alabama, a text pops up. It is my Realtor and CrossFit Coach, Shane, telling me that things are moving along with the preparatory work to sell my home. 

Tears swell in my eyes. Some of it joy, some of it sorrow, and some of it with anxious anticipation. Nevertheless it is all good. It is all part of the process. The memories, the hope for desired outcomes and the struggle to balance expectations is real. It is necessary. It is the catalyst of effective change for a better outcome. 

The best is yet to come. Can hardly wait to see what happens next, come what may and love it.




Green Room Cafe, Baby!

This is for my friend, Deborah Wright, owner of the Green Room Cafe at Cocoa Beach. 


We are back in town so went beachside tonight, beelined it, well, 520’d, to your place and had the best service, the best food, and took home some great smell-pretties. (You know I love that Cocoa Beach spray and soap!) 

Love the new additions to the menu. Honey-do loved the Gold Coast. Great addition to the wrap lineup. Thrilled to learn about the article in the Cocoa Beach Explorer, (page 12, below the fold).

Sorry we missed seeing you but we will be back soon. 




The Sheltie likes the snow

Little Boots, a Shetland Sheepdog, is from Ohio. He was about two years old when a family with an autistic child decided they needed to give him to a good home. We were fortunate enough to be the ones to take him in and he has been a wonderful creature. 

We moved from Ohio to Florida when he was four. Being an Ohio dog the heat was pretty tough on him. We had to shave him down during the warm months. It helped us to keep the shedding somewhat under control even though for the first few years it seemed he was embarrassed, feeling rather exposed without his puffy coat of fur. 

After years in Florida we moved to Montgomery, Alabama. But let me digress for a moment. It was in Florida we rescued our Lab, a puppy, from the Animal Shelter in Titusville. So she was born and raised in Central Florida for 5 years and some months before relocating with us in Alabama. 

2017-12-08 Boots in Snow.jpg

Our first year here the heat was different, and the winter was not bad. It was somewhat dry with spurts of cold. Totally different from this year with rain and now freezing cold and snow. 

Boots is in Heaven, so happy to wander around outside as the snow gently drifts down from the sky fully clothed in his warm, fur coat. 

The Honey-do, well, he is on his third trip here and spent the last three winters in Ohio at Wright-Patterson so though it is not heaven, he is able to tolerate it.

Janie Belle is most happy laying on my side of the bed with the electric blanket on level 5 or higher.

Guess that tells you how well I tolerate the cold weather these days.  

#ElectricBlanketsRule #JammieDays


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