Almost there: 362/365

This writing every day has been a great challenge but boy, oh boy, am I ever happy to know that it is coming to an end! And yes, I can believe it is almost the end, an end for which I am truly thankful.

The Coming Soon sign went up so today my sister came over and helped me out with a couple of things to get the house ready to be photographed tomorrow. I have just a couple more things to do tonight.

Things are moving along rather nicely. Soon it will be the end of living in Florida. 

All good things must come to an end. And it is always great when bad or mediocre things end too. 


Now you see why it had to be done

This photo shows but a very, very, small portion of the Plumeria Meister & Wife’s yard.

Photo Courtesy of Plumeria Meister’s Wife

Yeah. And that is nothing compared to the entire yard, which includes the most incredible Plumeria sanctury. You can understand why we had to do a little something to bring some semblance to our pathetically boring landscape.

Seriously. They earned Yard of the Quarter a second, well-deserved, time! 

So now on to sharing our photos and please, do not laugh at the pride we feel over our beautification project. Remember our treasures were just planted last night. They are like Baby Groot. It will take some time for them to grow up and fill in their spaces.  And remember, the Plumeria Meister has a magical touch as does his lovely assistant. 

Oh, and we truly want to thank Jeremy Woodington Lawn Care for his most excellent attention to details! We appreciate his tender care in getting the hedges and plants under control, and getting the mulching graded to perfection. He is the best in getting the right plants to replace and enhance any landscape. Jeremy and his team can sleep when the wind blows

And thanks again to our wonderful neighbors for being the best neighbors ever. Thank you for the plumeria plants! We love and adore you and absolutely appreciate you beyond measure.