Reflections: The CSMP – part three

The children were absolutely amazing during the Sacrament service today. Most of them were early, in their seats on the stand, and ever so reverent. The little Sunbeams and CTR 4s were sitting in their seats, waiting with anticipation for their turn to walk up on the stand to be seated at the right moment. 

It all went perfectly today. Oh, there were a couple of missteps, a few missing children, two shy ones with one of them managing to say his part while the other just wanted to sing, but honestly I thought the children were as perfect as perfect could be. Everything truly worked out perfectly.

This perfect little program happened because the leaders, the parents, and teachers all worked to make it so. It was their prayers, calling upon the Powers of Heaven to bless the children, that made the difference. 

Now by the third hour of Church, in Primary after the presentation, well….. that is a different story, nonetheless, but the joy of that program today lingers as though a dream as I prepare to drift off to sleep feeling a spirit of hope, gratitude, and peace.



The CSMP – part two

It has been an exciting few weeks preparing for the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation. Every child has a speaking part. They will also be singing. Not all have been to rehearsals and there are significant challenges to moving little ones into place to keep things going so the service ends on time. It will be a challenge. And yet, it is going to be just fine. 

The congregation has fasted and prayed for these wonderful children. The member of the Bishopric over the Primary auxiliary offered a lovely prayer with a blessing to be upon them. 

The children were invited to say their parts three times in a row every day this week in preparation for this Sunday, and to prayerfully ask Heavenly Father to bless them, to help them remember the words they are to speak to the best of their ability.

Now there is little left to do. Just:

  1.  Make sure the chapel seating is in order for the children to be in their places bright and early Sunday morning prior to the service and
  2. Continue in prayer for this experience to be one of reverence, of devotion and to be a great testimony builder regarding the constant need to draw upon the Powers of Heaven, thereby blessing the speakers and the listeners so all may be lifted and edified by the Holy Spirit. 





The Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation


It is my favorite time of the year when the children at Church get to speak their inspired words of wisdom and sing Primary songs of praise to God above. But first comes the two weeks of practice before the actual Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation (CSMP) takes place. 

Mayhem is a possibility. 

Practice takes place for two hours tomorrow and again the following Sunday. Ususally the first rehearsal is a bit rough because the schedule is changed up and the younger children get lost in their minds for the shift in routine. The older ones usually handle change better but there are a lot of moving parts so they tend to get lost in chatting with each other. 

No matter. It is a wonderful challenge to put all of those little moving parts, ages 3 to 11 years, in some semblance of order, all while praying the Heavens rain down the exact measure of help needed to temper those marvelous little spirits. There are additional prayers asking for fortitude and patience for every adult trying to help out. 

It will be lovely to work our way through it. It always is a learning experience. It is always a life changing experience. 

God knows our needs, precisely


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