Chocolate. I like it.

I got some of those MYSTERY Oreos the other day. They were not good. 

Trying to save the chocolate cookie, I peeled off the icky cream center. 

Too late. The ick had permeated the cookie so the bag of cookies were totally wasted.

I bought me a Toblerone bar the next day.

Once again, all is right in my universe.



Another day, another missed posting

Again, ARGH! I messed up Saturday by posting after midnight and then yesterday I did not even think about a post for my personal 365 challenge. Argh! The whole point of the challenge is to discipline myself to write daily, even if it is only one sentence. It is about the daily effort. 

Swoosh. My mind completely blew off the writing assignment. #MegaWindburn

So this is for yesterday. I messed up. Again. 

All I can say is I was sleepy yesterday. I kept drifting off to sleep but never managed a proper power nap. It was tough to stay awake to even watch the Scout online training. My head kept bobbing in and out of consciousness. Pathetic, I know. At least I got the first video completed.

Okay. That is yesterday. Today, in a while, I will post again on the real day but for now, I am ready to take a power nap before I forget again. 

Oh. And after that I think I will take a trip to the store for some serious chocolate. Yeah. That will make it all better. Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. Eighty-five percent dark chocolate. Yeah. That’s the ticket! 

182/365 not on July 30th. #Windburn

Chocolate Vanquishes Chaos

IMG_7455.JPGLike I said in my last post: Chocolate doesn’t ask stupid questions or make up faux news.  Chocolate vanquishes chaos. 

And uplifting music with a good tenor or three, and throw in a great baritone, helps add just the right ambience to the momentous experience.

Sam, I raise a Thin & Crispy Dark Chocolate Chip cookie to honor you and the thrill of the hunt. 


Today’s Golden List

Last week I rewatched THE ULTIMATE GIFT and tonight I am watching the next show in the series, THE ULTIMATE LIFE. In one scene Red jumps a train with Hobo Joe and Joe talks about making his Golden List.

So here is mine:

  1. Two loving doggies who snuggle when I am watching a movie.
  2. My Charlie R. took a 2 hour nap today.
  3. And his brother, Big A who went on a walk even though he did not feel very well.
  4. CrossRope Jump-roping today with severely wounded toes.
  5. Rowing intervals to get my blood pumping.
  6. Latisha for handling the issues with my husband’s special order suits and shirt.
  7. Chocolate Almond Milk.
  8. Kindly neighbors who look out for us.
  9. The beauty of the earth in the warmth of today’s sunshine.
  10. For the miracle of forgiveness and the peace it brings.


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