Update: Dogs Days of Summer almost over

Today was the last day to get all of my meters in for Week 3:30k of the Dog Days of Summer  Challenge 2017. Tomorrow begins Week 4:40k and the thought of muffing up on completing this week’s challenge was weighing on my mind over the weekend for on Saturday, after I finished my last 2,000 meters, I thought I had shorted myself by 1,000 meters. Therefore, the plan was to take advantage of such a short row and to finish off the week by way of 30 seconds rowing followed by 30 seconds of rest for 10 rounds.

Being alone and without music was the nicest part of my row. It was great to feel my heartbeat, to feel my pulse elevate and to hear me regulate and control my breathing for each stroke. I could huff and puff and grunt all I wanted through each round. And I was spectacular at challenging myself, round after round, staying focused. (Well, at least it felt that way in my own mind.)IMG_8680


Setting the lever to 8, then launching off of each round with a quarter, a half, a three-quarter pull followed by ten regular pulls seemed a brilliant strategy. The goal was to maintain a reasonable number of strokes per minute (SPM) to maintain at minimum 100 meters in thirty seconds per round and then row all out on the last round.

It was great having a series of short rows. It has been a long time since having to merely row 1k in a day. It was really wonderful to row in silence and alone as previously mentioned. But the best part was realizing that I had already met my 30k for the week when I stopped to think things through. I forgot all I had to do was look at the Dog Days 2017 board to see they had tracked and categorized each week’s row for me. (Gibbs-slap my own head with my Crew Stop rowing glove on.)FullSizeRender


Turns out I did not need to row that last 1,000 meters.  I rowed them simply because I wanted to and now I am securely over what is needed to complete this week’s requirement. 

Now on to formulate tomorrow’s 40k strategy!

#TeamEmJoKim #TeamGunsOutCrossFit



Rowing Felt Fabulous.

When I have had to take time away from CrossFit due to illness or injury, it always feels so great to get back to the box even though there is always a feeling of apprehension. Getting over the mental battle that it is going to be sweaty hot in the box, that I am going to be sore for having missed too many WoDs, and the #TrynaWannaJustDoSomething  feeling can trip me up.

Today was filled with excuses. But I truly persevered. That is when the mental milestones paid off. 

For the last couple of weeks I have really missed running. In my mind’s eye, I have been craving running, been able to see myself running, and being a very happy runner… in my mind’s eye. (I crack myself up. Oh, before I forget check out this study on Natural Stride. It makes me feel great pride for my personal running style: The Granny Shuffle.)

The fact that I have gone so long without a proper WoD even caused me distress. I kept talking about it with my husband. Yeah, I do not talk sorrow, normally, over not exercising hence another mental milestone: talking about truly missing vigorous exercise, especially running drills. (Did my coaches from 26.2 CrossFit chins just hit the floor on that one?) 


That said, I did not run on my first day back to the box. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Dog Days of Summer 2017 lured me back to my rightful place on the rower. 

Easing back into rowing, giving my new shoes a second chance with my socks on this time, I only rowed 2008m of the 10k for this week. Still, it felt fabulous. No blisters, excellent rowing form – and I am unanimous in that, all while practicing the strokes per minute made a fantastic first day back in the box. (Except I did miss my Charlie R. today. Wah!) 

The bonus moment today?

Two of my teammates are doing this challenge too, their first distance challenge ever! Em and Kim got 5000m of 10k completed today. Woohoo!  


184/365 #BackInTheGroove

August 1st Row Challenge Baby!

dogdays-chall-2017-webIt is so time for me to get back into rowing! After weeks and weeks of torn up feet and wounded toes, this challenge is going to be a bit rough! I have not been on the rower since 21 June. It feels like forever but next week the 2017 Dog Days of Summer Challenge begins! 

The good news is the first week is only 10k and I do not have to do it all in one sitting. It will be an easy way to get back into the routine within a seven day period. Sure hoping my toenail is healed enough to fit in a shoe!

Which reminds me, I need to make sure to bring socks and probably go back to wearing my Brooks running shoes when I row. Brooks seem to be the only ones that do not make my feet cry. Guess I better go buy a pair tomorrow.

  • Week 1, Aug. 1–7: 10,000 meters
  • Week 2, Aug. 8–14: 20,000 meters
  • Week 3, Aug. 15–21: 30,000 meters
  • Week 4, Aug. 22–28: 40,000 meters




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