The Good News Is…

I went for a follow up X-ray on my toe. The Doc seemed pleased with how well I am healing up. He told me I will have some continued swelling for a bit longer but things were looking really good. He said I needed to work and stretch the toe.

That was great to hear but he said I cannot start jumproping for an additional two weeks. A bit of a bummer to hear but hey, two weeks baby, and I am back working to get that double under with my CrossRope ropes

At least I wear a matching set of normal sandals now! 


P.S. Here is the correct numbering of articles written for this 365 Challenge:

365 Date Article
1 1/29/17 Just the end of the day
2 1/30/17 Family Home Evening
3 1/31/17 51 GOP votes to FULL Repeal
4 2/1/17 Thank You, Glenn Beck & The Blaze Staff
5 2/2/17 THAT BABY: Charlie R.
6 2/3/17 Do a Good Turn: Opportunities Right in the Way
7 2/4/17 Remember when Ryan said….
8 2/5/17 Positively Wonderful: Life Is Grand
9 2/6/17 We Choose Roku
10 2/7/17 Worthy of Repeated Reading
11 2/8/17 No Welching: Full Repeal and End FedED
12 2/9/17 Meaningful Work and an Authentic life
13 2/10/17 Politics: A good rule to remember
14 2/11/17 DeVos not your Cup-0-Tea? Who Cares?
15 2/12/17 14 on 15/365
16 2/13/17 Stop the Bullies: Be your own Lobbyist
17 2/14/17 Stop Stalling: Congress has the Power
18 2/15/17 Living on the Dole is not Welfare
19 2/16/17 Grandmacousin
20 2/17/17 Smells like Totalitarianism
21 2/18/17 Found a Protein Powder
22 2/19/17 A little something finds a home
23 2/20/17 Bottled Peaches and Cherries
24 2/21/17 Take the Leap
25 2/22/17 Kindness begins with…
26 2/23/17 CPAC 2017: Original Sources
27 2/24/17 Get on with Full Repeal
28 2/25/17 17.1 Masters, Scaled – Completed
29 2/26/17 Thanks but uh, No Thanks
30 2/27/17 Remember what the American people were sold: FULL REPEAL
31 2/28/17 Okay, so I have a counting problem…
32 3/1/17 Sebastian Gorka can #FrameTheDebate
33 3/2/17 Thinking of David H. Hackworth
34 3/3/17 Pay through the nose
35 3/4/17 Get in the Game: It makes a difference
36 3/5/17 My friend, the Hockey Puck Maker
37 3/6/17 Yes, I did 17.2 Twice!
38 3/7/17 Ryanocare: So mad I could spit!
39 3/8/17 Revolt and FULL Repeal, Basta!
40 3/9/17 Melinda’s Marvelous Moving Sale
41 3/10/17 Speaker Ryan: Talk Less. Do More
42 3/11/17 17.3 WoD today and only today
43 3/12/17 If you only knew how many things…
44 3/13/17 CrossWriting: Forging Elite Cerebrations
45 3/14/17 Stinkin’ flu bug 2017 and other illnesses
46 3/15/17 Let Ryanocare Die an Ignominous Death
47 3/16/17 47 on 48 …
48 3/17/17 Motives and Priorities
49 3/18/17 The Spirit of Guns Out CrossFit
50 3/19/17 Guns Out CrossFit Bowling Team
51 3/20/17 17.4 is did, done and over!
52 3/21/17 Part 1: Bill Posey’s 2017 Constituent Survey
53 3/22/17 Part 2: Bill Posey’s 2017 Constituent Survey
54 3/23/17 A Series on Healthcare by Glenn Beck
55 3/24/17 What will Speaker Ryan do next?
56 3/25/17 Nancy’s Social Folly: Obamacare
57 3/26/17 Whenever I hear the song of a bird…
58 3/27/17 A stinkin’ blackout
59 3/28/17 #DailyDana #SassyWithMassie #GetTheBlaze
60 3/29/17 Download FREE Educational Serials
61 3/30/17 Now Hear This, GOP Fauxnies
62 3/31/17 Healthcare: Know the History then Teach Others
63 4/1/17 S2 of The Relative Race
64 4/2/17 Improve myself each day
65 4/3/17 Another day, another Cross-What?
66 4/4/17 “Murph” is just around the corner
67 4/5/17 Check out the #PRINCEofPeace
68 4/6/17   Friday WOD 4/7/17 and Part 2: Friday WOD 4/7/17
69 4/7/17 First Day with CrossRope… and Johnny meets Brunhilda
70 4/8/17 Kong’s ROOT Salon: Slaying my hairs
71 4/9/17 Jesus Christ: Easter Week
72 4/10/17 Zabars! Yep. Zabars!
73 4/11/17 Remington Carriage Museum
74 4/12/17 Think Tank, Drive Thru History and More!
75 4/13/17 A lovely service: Maundy Thursday
76 4/14/17 Today’s Golden List
77 4/15/17 Playing Catch-up: Toxic Tuesday Group
78 4/16/17 A lovely Easter Sabbath
79 4/17/17 Food: The struggle is real
80 4/18/17 ACA/AHCA: “The power to tax is the power to destroy”
81 4/19/17 Fittz Meals: Salmon for Lunch
82 4/20/17 Murph 2017: I am registered!
83 4/21/17 Oh no! Not the shoe!?
84 4/22/17 A day missed posting. Arghhh!
85 4/23/17 S2:E7 Relative Race
86 4/24/17 A Stinkin’ CR and Full Repeal Debate
87 4/25/17 Oh those dancing Chimpanzees
88 4/26/17 In the beginning and in the end PUH-LEASE, Frame the Debate for Full Repeal
89 4/27/17 Update to Puh-lease, #FrameTheDebate for #FullRepeal
89a 4/27/17 FAB interview: Mark Sanford – NOT Repealing Obamacare
90 4/28/17 Jim DeMint is My Hero
91 4/29/17 An International Food Fest at MAFB
92 4/30/17 Caleb and his Eagle Scout Court of Honor
93 5/1/17 Oh yeah. The powder is dry…
94 5/2/17 Pulling my Heritage Donation is Good News for…
95 5/3/17 Liars, Progressives, and OmnibusHell vs the Consistent Conservative: Jim DeMint
96 5/4/17 What a stinkin’ week in D.C.
97 5/5/17 So excited about GofG vol. 2
98 5/6/17 Homeschool Fun with Granny Jo
99 5/7/17 Unmarred by Earthly Care
100 5/8/17 The Debacle: Still working through it
101 5/9/17 Yes. We are Groot
102 5/10/17 Know what the Elites are reading?
103 5/11/17 Like John Wayne in the house
104 5/12/17 Happy Mother’s Day: Yes. I am thrilled for you and your day
105 5/13/17 Yes, I am Groot.
106 5/14/17 Fantastic Speakers at Church for Mother’s Day
107 5/15/17 Sorting through the news chaos
108 5/16/17 Chocolate Vanquishes Chaos
109 5/17/17 My little Charlie R.

First Day with CrossRope… and Johnny meets Brunhilda

A few days ago I ordered the CrossRope Limited Edition Heavy Set. It arrived yesterday. Feeling the weight of the package, I opened it with great awe in anticipation. The experience did not disappoint. 

It was late. It was dark. I was in the house, exhausted after a long day. Even though I wanted to try out each rope, there was no energy left in my caboose so I simply had to organize everything in my special CrossRope bag, set it by the door in preparation to try the ropes out at the gym today. And I did so with great awe and anticipation to see what my possibilities would be. 

Today’s experience did not disappoint.

Walking into the gym I announced to Coach Charles, “Look at my new toys!!!”

Putting the Rush Rope (red) together to let him take it for a spin, followed by the the Flex Rope (aqua), he was quite impressed until he saw me reveal the 3 lb Titan X Rope (silver), pulling it out of my bag. Then he was completely astonished. 

“That’s just like the cable I used to lock my bike with,” he said as his jaw dropped while his eyes grew big. “Seriously! I had a cable just like that and would padlock my bike with it!”  

When I finally had time to test out each rope I began with the Titan X, or as I lovingly refer to it, Brunhilda. Glad I was working it alone in the gym. It was much too heavy for me. I could barely whirl it over my head one time, even after a couple of tries.

Next I went to the Flex Rope which seemed much easier though I looked like a turtle jumping rope on valium. By time I dropped to the Rush Rope it went around me like slicing buttah. (My butt-ah got whacked a couple painful times.) 

Using the CrossRope app I opted for the Brute Set 1 Beginner workout. Instead of changing ropes I started with the Flex Rope and manage to get through the 9 minutes like a remedial jump roper. So feeling pretty happy with my remedial performance I moved to do the same workout again with the Rush Rope and actually felt stronger, like I could push myself harder.

What I like about these weighted ropes is my speed drop in jumping and my desire to press myself to speed up, relatively speaking.  Slowing down helped me focus on my form. The ropes exposed my weaknesses so I could correct myself to better balance my body to then increase my speed in turning the rope. The ropes are indeed a “powerful full-body training” system.

As I sat a bit to recover from my workout, my teammate Johnny, significantly my junior, showed up. And yes, I pulled out all of my ropes to share with my teammate. Enjoy the video below as he gets to know Brunhilda.