TCAH: My Doggies Love their Daycare

Today is Tuesday. I woke up with it being Wednesday in my head. It was 9 a.m. before I realized I was two hours late taking my doggies in for their Baths and Doggie Daycare at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital. YIKES!

Immediately I called the front desk to see if it was still okay to bring them in and was so pleased to know they were fine with my airhead moment. 

It was so wonderful to be able to keep the appointments! I live for my “Mom’s Day Out” once a month. My doggies come back so fresh and clean and happy and exhausted from their puppy playtimes.  

And because they are getting older, the effects of TCAH Daycare last through the next day once they are home. It is like a two day break for the price of one. 

I win. #BooGah. 




Homeschool Fun with Granny Jo

Charlie R. after a long day of playing with Granny Jo

The bright spot of my week was getting to Granny-Nanny my little Charlie R for a couple of days. It was just the the mental vacation I needed. Sweet, innocent, plain old joyful fun.

I spent some time bringing him up to speed regarding the things he needs to be aware for he is in that generation being left in the wake of #Progressive Out-of-Control-Spending.

It is all about Homeschool Fun with Granny Jo courtesty of and!

Charlie R. listening intently to DANA and her guest, Lt. Col. Allen West














Charlie R. enjoying his post morning nap beverage with LIVE and FREE on YouTube and Periscope each Saturday morning with The Jonathan Hoenig, and Mookie-baby.
Ernie, the Cockapoo. Just chillin’ and being my friend. He is a great dog!



Today’s Golden List

Last week I rewatched THE ULTIMATE GIFT and tonight I am watching the next show in the series, THE ULTIMATE LIFE. In one scene Red jumps a train with Hobo Joe and Joe talks about making his Golden List.

So here is mine:

  1. Two loving doggies who snuggle when I am watching a movie.
  2. My Charlie R. took a 2 hour nap today.
  3. And his brother, Big A who went on a walk even though he did not feel very well.
  4. CrossRope Jump-roping today with severely wounded toes.
  5. Rowing intervals to get my blood pumping.
  6. Latisha for handling the issues with my husband’s special order suits and shirt.
  7. Chocolate Almond Milk.
  8. Kindly neighbors who look out for us.
  9. The beauty of the earth in the warmth of today’s sunshine.
  10. For the miracle of forgiveness and the peace it brings.


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