More to the Story: Best Lunch Day evvah!

In case you missed it I wrote a little blurb about a new friend a couple of weeks ago. Today was our Ladies Lunch Day so I could catch up with the rest of her story. It did not disappoint! It turned out to be a best lunch day ever. Well, at least for me. 

My little Charlie R. and I got to La Coronilla a few mintues early. When my friend, I will call her Mac for short, came in I could see her face light up. It was her first time to the charmingly decorated La Coronilla. So when she saw the menu and started to read it she totally fell into her roots speaking Spanish. It seemed like Mac started speaking a hundred miles an hour. She went Spanglish on me. Her hand and eyes wandered all over the menu while she explained several of the dishes, saying “this is authentic Mexican food. This is what I grew up with!” And her eyes flashed with happiness like a child on Christmas.

And then, when the waitress came to take our order Mac’s order was out of her mouth before I could say ¡Ay, caramba! 

Mac asked what I was going to get.

I had no idea. I was wondering what she ordered. How could I know what to order after being so pleasantly stunned with what had transpired in but a few seconds. I sat back in amused amazement imagining her growing up in the colonies. Mac seemed to feel at home in this, my favorite restaurant, as though she had known the owner and staff since forever.

Because I had preordered for Charlie R., I was a mere observer, just feeding the toddler, lost in watching my Mac, my new favorite television program. There are not words to describe the happiness I felt for my friend as we talked about the tamales she always serves at Christmas time as part of her family tradition, as she talked about how the salsa was just like what she makes, and about the soup she ordered is traditional and mostly served a lot during the Christmas season. 

I learned so much because Mac was open and excited to speak to the waitress and the owner in their native tongue. She was able to learn more of their stories so she could then share them with me. She asked them several wonderful questions. Their responses, she translated for me so I should share in her excitement, were equally wonderful. And it truly seemed as though we were all uplifted and edified by the experience. 

Anyway, I ordered. We ate. The time flew by so quickly while we chatted between bites. What I loved best was the speed of our moment in time. We talked about so many, many things. And we brought a ton of leftovers home along with a great desire to do this again, to sit and enjoy each other’s company.   



Best part of my day: Getting to know you

The best part of my day was listening to my new friend. We met last year as she traveled back and forth from her home in Florida before she finally sold it and moved here permanently. Today was the first time we have had more than 2 minutes to converse. And boy, it was absolutely exciting to hear about some of her family history.

Last year as we passed by each other in Church we learned that we have mutual connections through a relative of hers in the Lunt Family. That immediately piqued my interest because Gary grew up in the Mormon Colonies.

This afternoon we got to visit for about an uninterupted 10-15 minutes, and what an adventurous, fun-packed conversation we had! She is an incredible woman with an amazing story.  

So we have set a lunch date for the rest of the story…..


Finishing touches: Plumeria and Pavers

The Honey-do has been hitting the list hard. Take a look at his handy work today! 

Note the wilderness is no longer baren. That is due the generous gift by our neighbor, the  Plumeria Meister and Keeper of the Peace, Lieutenant Bret. That area will now be known as The Bucky (he was a great dog) Memorial Garden ala Bret. 

We are having the same company from last year re-mulch and tidy up our landscaping this year. Jeremy of Woodington Lawn Care is getting our repeat business because he did such a fantastic job last year. 

Golly gee, we love this house! Just a few more things on the Honey-do list and Basta!

Well, at least for a little while. After all, “even a mule gets a break.” 



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