10 Day Social Media Fast: Day 10

Today was one of those days where I truly enjoyed the time I spent with my little Charlie R. He has had a bit of a runny nose this week so has been a little out of sorts but nothing horrible with which to deal. He took a three hour nap today so I am figuring that he is on the mend. 

We ran an errand today. We went to Walmart to see if we could find him a “blue monie.” We looked all around and could not find one. So we left empty handed.

A monie is what he refers to as his blanket. I bought him one when he was born. It has a little whale on it. It is a very silky, blue blanket and it is Charlie R.’s favorite. He seriously  l o v e s  that monie. Never mind he has a gray one his parents bought him and it stays in his crib at his house, and never mind I bought a similar one to keep here so he had something to remind him of home, and never mind I have a second gray one in my car so we do not have to haul the crib monie back and forth as we go gallivanting about town.

So for now, no new blue monie to help take the edge off the single monie blues. 

#SimpleJoys #FindingJoy




A new acquaintance, a great conversation

Tonight I got to know someone a little better. She is new to the area. Her family is adorable, as is she but more so she is an absolute hoot. She is forthright. What you see is what you get. And what I got was a whole lot out of her story. 

It was sweet to hear of her conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. To learn of the sacrifices she made to do that which she knew was right, things not supported, let alone appreciated by her family, was touching. It was inspiring.

She has a can-do spirit. She understands the efforts that one must put into living the gospel daily. It is not always easy. It is very often difficult. Yet, it can and must be done and one must make oneself do the work to progress. 

Probably my favorite part of the conversation was her insight of doing too much for some people. I loved how she spoke of not feeling guilty for what she has because she and her husband worked so very hard to get what they have. They sacrificed so much along the way to be where they are that she does not feel the need to give it away for some foolish, misplaced guilt trip. 

Yes. My kind of woman. My kind of friend.



Hand that boy a tin cup!


All this little guy needs is a tin cup to rake across the bars. 

I cannot believe how much he is changing. This past week he began walking seven, then eight steps consecutively. 

He is my little doll baby except that he eats real food and I have to change real diapers. 

Love my Charlie R. and his big brother, Ashton. 

Bon Voyage! See you soon! 



The Power of Pain: Suffering Sanctifies

This past week I had the blessing of experiencing pain…upon my feet. And before that I spent eight weeks healing a broken toe. It has been irritating, frustrating, and at times a little depressing for I have not been able to do two of the physical challenges that I had been training to do, even dropping out of a third before it started. 

To combat my personal woes I have tried to serve others and spent a lot of time counting my personal blessings so as not to turn into a crybaby whiner.  Watching videos and reading uplifting words reminded me that service blesses the giver and the receiver and both are edified. 

Pain serves a purpose. And I can become a better person for my minor discomforts.

Go, and Do Thou Likewise ~ Ensign May 1997

[Can we] set aside our love of substance and hear the cry of the hungry, the needy, the naked, and the sick? ~ H. David Burton 

Infinite Needs and Finite Resources ~ Glenn L. Pace  




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