You NEED SteadyStraps

Last week I attended FreedomFest 2021 virtually and one of the sponsors for the day was SteadyStraps. So I checked out the website, learned about the company and thought, “Oh, what a clever idea.”

But then the host of the virtual event, Rich “Trigger” Bontrager, talked about using SteadyStraps from his personal perspective as he introduced Larry Walters and Rich made me think again, “Maybe I need to buy one to check it out.”

So just as I was looking at which one strap to buy and try out, you know, to see if it was too good to be true… my name was called in a special giveaway drawing for the attendees of virtual FreedomFest. It pleased me greatly for I had not yet placed my order. I had won not one but THREE PATRIOTIC SteadyStraps!

Yayeee for Me!

Definitely worth purchasing three! You save 10% and they are so easy to change out for different occasions!

Anyway, knowing I had three free straps coming I thought, “Hey, it would be nice to share my good fortune and support a fellow entreprneur by purchasing three straps to give to friends.”

So I did. However, it was a little difficult to choose from the many great collections offered. If my budget would have allowed it I would have purchased twelve! (Seriously. I want more.)

The moment I put my SteadyStrap on my phone I was beyond pleased! What I saw and learned about SteadyStraps from their site is exactly what I got! Exactly!

SteadyStraps are exactly what they say they are, from ease of installation to quality of the brand. The fabric is as soft, the stitching is very sturdy, and the color process used is as they say it is. It is an amazingly simple product that does not skimp on quality.

The SteadyStraps are easily, easily, easily adjustable. My husand is 6 foot tall and he has pretty big hands but the SteadyStrap works perfectly for him. My hands are average sized. Adjusting the strap to get it just perfect for me and trying to see how tight I could get was absolutely easy-peasy.

Shipping is included in the price of the item and I got mine within a few days of ordering them. I asked if I could order three and have my winning three shipped together and it was done as asked so customer service is fabulous and top notch! What is so cool is the SteadyStraps fit into a number 10 envelope so shipping is a breeze actually.

Honestly, SteadyStraps is the most useful item you need and did not know it until you purchased one, two, I mean three!

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