Yes, I am Groot.

On Tuesday I had a date to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and really enjoyed myself so much so that I went with a couple of my girl friends on Thursday. 

Today is Saturday and yes, I want to go one more time (at least). At the IMax. In 3-D. And yes, I want to stay, for a third time, to the very end of the credits. 

Kurt Russell was truly fabulous in this show. I just fell in love with him again, like I did when he first starred in the movies. What a marvelous, wonderful actor he is. 

I am Groot. 



Yes. We are Groot

Tonight was a special date night. Honey-do and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX 3D. We had such a lovely time together and we enjoyed the movie as a great mental vacation from all of the things that weigh on our minds.

Critics mentioned how the language and innuendo were a bit stronger in this Volume 2 version of GOTG. Of course there was a lot more action and violence too. They were right.

The music was fabulous. Baby Groot was beyond adorable. The dialog was captivating, though a bit less crassness would have gone a long way. The 3D was spectacular!

I am going again with a friend in a couple of days.

We are Groot.


So excited about GofG vol. 2

I forget who posted this review on Twitter but all I can say is THANK YOU. Just watching the YouTube trailer made me feel like:

Yeah Baby! We can take on the Progressive Republicans! We are Groot! 

That said, I never got around to getting tickets for the opening weekend because we had a lot going on but WE ARE GOINGAt least once, in 3D IMAX, Baby! 

Oh yeah. At least once!


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