Green Room Cafe, Baby!

This is for my friend, Deborah Wright, owner of the Green Room Cafe at Cocoa Beach. 


We are back in town so went beachside tonight, beelined it, well, 520’d, to your place and had the best service, the best food, and took home some great smell-pretties. (You know I love that Cocoa Beach spray and soap!) 

Love the new additions to the menu. Honey-do loved the Gold Coast. Great addition to the wrap lineup. Thrilled to learn about the article in the Cocoa Beach Explorer, (page 12, below the fold).

Sorry we missed seeing you but we will be back soon. 





Stevia and other icky things

When it comes to nutritional supplements the fitness pushers push, why is it that the “sugar free” or “sugar substitutes” just seem to taste icky?

As a lover of the sweetness of sugar, stevia as a substitute is truly not my thing. Just thinking about it causes me to feel that icky-gagging-heaving reflex. The aftertaste is so not satisfying. It leaves a lingering ick on the tastebuds therefore requiring something else, a more powerful thing of true deliciousness, to kill the after icky effect on the tongue. And I feel that icky way about all of the sugar alcohol and novel sweeteners, too.

Trying to change bad habits is difficult. It is even more difficult to find healthy alternatives in the healthy living community that are absent of any sweetener. 

I managed to find a great rice protein powder, with NO sweetener added to it. It is made by NutriBiotic. I add their Pea Protein to it so I have a complete protein. I love the plain in the rice and would definitely prefer the plain in the pea but the place I got mine from only had one with vanilla in it. 

The Zen Dudes preach a supplement regiment and highly recommend Athletic Greens. I got all excited to give it a try but… dun dun dun …. it contains the dreaded STEVIA. 

Honestly, I can gag down something with no sugar better than trying to gag down something with any of the afore mentioned substitutes. A something with stevia in it may get past my lips the first time but once that icky taste notifies my brain it is all over with a gag and a heave-ho. 



Fittz Meals: Salmon for Lunch

#FoodSins. Yep. I am a Food Sin Sinner who is working on becoming a #FoodSalvationSaint, not yet ready to give up all food sins but willing to take one step at a time in the right direction. That first step back on the right road food sainthood is with
Fittz Meals. (Thank you Coach Charles at Guns Out CrossFit for the introduction.)

As a winner of the Fittz Meals Contest, my prize was an 8 ounce salmon filet dinner with two roasted vegetables. It was waiting for me in the fridge at GOCF today.

IMG_7133Taking it home for lunch, man-oh-man was it fabulous. There was so much food that I only ate half of it so I could share the rest with my Honey-do-husband. Well, I ate three-fourths of the salmon in all honesty, but I did save him a couple of bites so hey, Good Girl for me! 

Honey-do picked up our order yesterday from the Yellowhammer Cafe.  He decided to take his first step on the path to better eating with the beef tips, brussel sprouts and cauliflower tonight instead of my salmon leftovers. That is all fine by me because now I can have the rest of it in the morning for breakfast! 

We are truly pleased with the quality and taste of our Fittz Meals so far! We look forward to trying the rest of the meals this week. And we have already placed our order for next week! 

Yeah Baby! On that trail to portion control with healthy eating.

Don’t be jealous! You can do it too! Just log on to Facebook to check out Fittz Meals in 4 ounce, 6 ounce, and 8 ounce protein meals plans.

Bon Appetit! 


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