A life full of surprises

As noted, we took our 2010 vehicle in for servicing a couple of problems and came out with a new and different vehicle as a cost effective solution.

The very next day we loaded a piece of furniture in the back of the new vehicle to get it reupholstered and I took a backward tumble, whacking my fanny-side. 

Today, I spent some time in urgent care getting X-rays. That was an insanely painful process in spite of a wonderful technician who did all he could to make things as easy as possible for me! Nothing looked broken and no hairline fractures were obvious but the Physician Assistant sent them out to a Radiologist just to be sure. The results should be back tomorrow, maybe Friday. 

Yes. I am in pain. Yes, I can barely walk. Yes, Honey-do had to change his flight and take extra leave to take care of me. Yes, it is an inconvenience but somehow this is all part of the Lord’s plan and as my friend mentioned, “It sure makes you wonder what the heck He is thinking.” 

Truly it is all good. It could be worse. This too shall pass. It certainly did in 2017 and since 2018 is starting out the same, I say so based on getting over last year’s mishaps. 


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