Homeschool with Jonathan Hoenig

I was so happy with tonight’s homeschool special with Jonathan Hoenig. Except for his ADHD moment when he forgot to complete his thought on GOLD and then lost his thought on what he was going to say, my favorite part was how he applied Sun Tsu to investing. That clicked for me tonight. 

Too bad I did not jot down the quote about not setting camp….. because I cannot quote it now. Will have to look that up. 

What I appreciate about these free, live only events is they are sweet, short, and to the point. The repetition is great to hear because Jonathan shares his years of expertise from a variety of mediums. Something sticks with my brain every time I listen.  

When I first started watching Capitalist Pig programming it was via Twitter notice to watch on Periscope. However, my favorite way to watch Jonathan at home is on YouTube via Roku on my big screen. It is like Jonathan is here with my pack and we are having one fun pajama party. Like he’s my son, home for the weekend with my granddoggies. It is a great interpersonal experience, virtually.

One thing I am sorry about is that I have not taken notes consistently. Tonight’s presentation is an example. Since it is a live experience, not recorded, if I miss taking screenshots or notes then it is a missed opportunity to record personal thoughts or impressions.  

Honestly, I am just really happy to catch each live opportunity as it comes along so sometimes I am multitasking. That is another reason why I love putting it up on my big screen. My hands are free. I can turn up the volume on the telly so I can hear it if I am moving room to room or have to get up to let my dogs out or back in from the yard.

I was really and truly happy to see Frisco is doing well, relatively speaking. He is a very good dog. 


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For my friend, Jonathan

Jonathan was talking about his buddy, Frisco, yesterday. Frisco is having some problems with his back legs so was in for an MRI. It was sorrowful news to hear because my old boy, Boots, is 15 years old and is having problems with his back legs too but that is due to his aging little body. 

My heart goes out to Frisco and Jonathan as they have to live with and through this difficult time.  

Jonathan is not into faith and prayers but I am. Therefore I am standing by with heartfelt empathy in faith and prayers that what will be will be, that joy will come in the morning. 

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Homeschool Fun with Granny Jo

Charlie R. after a long day of playing with Granny Jo

The bright spot of my week was getting to Granny-Nanny my little Charlie R for a couple of days. It was just the the mental vacation I needed. Sweet, innocent, plain old joyful fun.

I spent some time bringing him up to speed regarding the things he needs to be aware for he is in that generation being left in the wake of #Progressive Out-of-Control-Spending.

It is all about Homeschool Fun with Granny Jo courtesty of and!

Charlie R. listening intently to DANA and her guest, Lt. Col. Allen West














Charlie R. enjoying his post morning nap beverage with LIVE and FREE on YouTube and Periscope each Saturday morning with The Jonathan Hoenig, and Mookie-baby.
Ernie, the Cockapoo. Just chillin’ and being my friend. He is a great dog!



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