It was a rat

Honey-do noticed our Black Lab going nuts around the storage room door so he brought her inside in case there was a rat or a lizard in there. She is really fast and she catches them. 

Evidently a rat chewed a hole in the bag of Ramik mini-bars that our landlady left in there, on a high shelf. 

Glad Honey-do found the body first. I would totally be creeped out by the scenario. 

Now, all things are right in the universe and the Lab is settled in for the evening. 





We are getting ready for Sunday

It has been a great week. My little Charlie R. is back in town. After spending three weeks with his family on holiday to France he was a little sad to have to be watched by the Granny Nanny. But it only took one day and we got back into a groove even though he is really walking around now, feeling much more independent as a one year old.

His brother is also grown much since his first European holiday. He seemed happy to know I had been watching out for him in the family photos that were posted online. He begins school next week so these last few days with the brothers together are truly precious. 

Today the Honey-do has been a huge help in getting the spare room reorganized. We had a few things to finish moving around to make way a special visitor. Honey-do also gassed up the vehicles and took our elliptical down to the box while I listed it for sale on (Thank you Coach Ryan for helping unload it! Thank you Coach Charles for letting me stash it at Guns Out CrossFit until it sells.) That was the last big thing to move out of the way.

Honey-do ran to pick up the few fresh things we need to get through the weekend after helping with the meal planning. Now the weekend meals are prepped with extra to last us through Tuesday.

All that is left is to finish is a load of laundry and fold the clothes so they can be put away. 

And there you have it. Saturday is a special day. It’s the day we get ready for Sunday. 


The Honey-do list today

Several years ago we did a master bathroom makeover. We had some really nice lights over the mirrors but they have been having some serious problems. They were halogen lights that the Honey-do has now replaced with LED fixtures. Problems solved. 

The Honey-do also did some edging work with pavers.

Finally, we are keeping up with the Jones’ next door. They are “they who received their 2nd Yard of the Quarter” sign.

Well, we are not anywhere near keeping up really. But we do feel like we needed to do a little something. 

Thank you Honey-do. Pavers are a good start. We will figure out what to plant on that wilderness side of the house soon! 

Stay tuned! 


When the GEXT dies

We opted to not get cable or satellite television so we just use ROKU to stream movies and shows. 

It really stinks when we are in the middle of a show and the GEXT konks out. We have to turn the break into an intermission, reset the unit, reconnect the link to the wireless network and then get back to the show.

It is all good. The Honey-do is making us a big batch of popcorn as a bonus during the break. We will be back watching our show shortly.