Well, that was a Swoosh!

We are ever so thankful that this is the worst of it. We are thankful to Officer Bret and Miss Y for their watchcare. And we express gratitude to the Christensen’s for boarding our windows. 

It appears there is no damage to our home but we are waiting for assistance to remove the neighbor’s tree before assessing any damage. Fence mending and removing debris are so not a problem. An inconvenience, but not a problem.

Friends and family are safe as far as we know. It is all by the Grace of Divine Providence that we are well and accounted for. It could have been so much worse under the circumstances. 

We feel blessed.

Before closing out, we want to remember 9/11 and take a moment to honor the memory of all those who suffered through far more than our current inconvenience. Always Remember and Never Forget. America with her amazing, honorable citizens, is Greatest Place on Earth.  God Bless America. 

225/365 Photos courtesy Miss Y.



Steven Wright: A funny guy

It has been an emotional roller coaster texting and chatting back and forth with friends and family in Florida as they prepared for, and are now weathing, Hurricane Irma. So far, everyone is either evacuated or boarded up and hunkered in for the duration. 

Now all we can do is simply wait. 

In the meantime, here are some clips from one of my favorite funny guys, just for a brain break. Steven Wright. I remember watching this on his first Johnny Carson appearance. 

Oh my gosh, he cracks me up. I love his so off and deadpan humor! 

And one more: