Good, better and…

Sitting here with the screen door closed, the wind is blowing the crisp sea air causing the trees branches to sway, shaking leaves. The quiet of my neighborhood allows me to enjoy the rustling sounds of oaks and the gentle movements of the palm leaves. The temperature has risen to 71 degrees and it is merely 11:10 a.m.

Janie Belle taking advantage of the open screen door after a romp outside. 

Winter in Central Florida is truly lovely. My dogs could not be happier as they take turns sitting at the open door, sniffing the air that wafts through the screen.

While writing letters to those I visit teach back in Montgomery, Alabama, a text pops up. It is my Realtor and CrossFit Coach, Shane, telling me that things are moving along with the preparatory work to sell my home. 

Tears swell in my eyes. Some of it joy, some of it sorrow, and some of it with anxious anticipation. Nevertheless it is all good. It is all part of the process. The memories, the hope for desired outcomes and the struggle to balance expectations is real. It is necessary. It is the catalyst of effective change for a better outcome. 

The best is yet to come. Can hardly wait to see what happens next, come what may and love it.



Thick of Thin Things vs Things That Matter Most

I love the phrase “The Things That Matter Most“. Having heard many a sermon over the years on that subject the phrase guides my goal-setting process. It is also part of my personal re-evaluation process for I tend to be an intense person, one who appreciates a regimen and one who occasionally gets caught up in the thick of thin things.

“Performance is what matters, not the size of the stage. The Sea of Galilee, only 13 miles by 7, was nevertheless large enough to provide the disciples with a vital experience involving faith and walking on the water (seeMatt. 14:22–33). The wind was boisterous and frightening! Even so, compare the size of those Galilean swells and the length of that storm with what Nephi and party had to endure on the vast ocean! (see1 Ne. 18:13–21). Yet both episodes provided the needed learning experiences. Of course, I should be careful about comparisons involving excesses of water, realizing Noah is in the historical audience!”

~ Neal A. Maxwell, Content with the Things Alloted unto Us


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