Gut-wrenching News

No matter which way this Moore thing turns, IT STINKS. It is a heinous matter if true or false. It is disturbing, if false, that lies of this magnitude could be shouted from the rooftops or equally disturbing that it is only now coming to light if true.

It is gut-wrenching. It is sickening no matter who is lying. 

On a helpful note: Please read THE PRIMAL SCREAM OF IDENTITY POLITICS .








When the NRA supported Max Baucus….

I used to care about who the NRA supported until they rated Max Baucus as one who had a great record on the Second Amendment and endorsed him for the Senate.

Max S. Baucus. The man who “regrets killing Single-Payer”, allegedly.

That is a problem with Single Issue voters who do not weigh the consequences of other important issues.

What’s Hidden in the Baucus Bill?

Yeah. And now the NRA-ILA is supporting Luther Strange over Judge Roy Moore.

Uh, why? To what end?