47 on 48 …

Argh! So I have a relapse of this sinus-flu thing come on Tuesday evening. Going to bed early I had hoped to ward it off but when I woke up Wednesday with a thunderous sinus headache that flattened me in bed for the day I somehow managed to remember to post something on my blog before midnight.

Today was a much better day but my brain is still woozy. About 7 p.m. while in bed for the second day it hit me that I needed to write something. While having deep thoughts in the shallows of my mind I dozed off. 

Now it is 12:36 and I cannot sleep knowing I missed my daily post for March 16th. Argh! 

So here is my yesterday post late getting posted on day 48. 

Weak as water, yet it is a posting just the same. I am counting it as good and as a kindness for the sake of my sickly self. Hope it reads well because I am not even bothering to proof it, well, maybe just a little in a delirious state. 

Friday is going to be a much day.

47/365 ….. see, and I had to edit it because I did not do that right. A 1,000 pardons!

Thanks but uh, No Thanks

Yesterday I wrote about the 17.1 CrossFit Games WoD that I miraculously did fairly well. And I mean fairly

Today my Coach Charles, who I truly love and absolutely adore like he was my own son, sweetly and with genuine heart sent a photo he took of me at about 18 minutes into the 20 minute capped WoD. 

He was wondering if he could use my photo for a WoD meme he was about to post for the box.

Uh No. I look hideous. I look like a deranged Oompa-Loompa!

And then my husband and I belly laughed at the photo for ten minutes. 

Yeah. Not so flattering. Not so flattering in the least. But thanks for asking Coach.

Now destroy all the copies! 

27/365  ( just realized… I think I am off by two days so that would make this post 29 … hmmmm. Need to go back and check.) 






Kindness begins with…



My 26.2 CrossFit teammate from my Florida days posted this meme on her Facebook page. It was interesting to see some people take her challenge seriously and not so seriously. Her challenge made me think of another meme that goes well with this one. 




I chose this one by Thomas S. Monson because often the person you need to show increased kindness to is yourself.

The Lord loves you. You are of infinite worth to him. You matter to him.

Hence, say one nice thing about yourself. Say something truly nice, not snarky, not a backhanded compliment. Just fill in the blank with a simply kind word about you.


I am generous.”

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