Push Back the Narrative

When asked if he, without naming names, thought there was “anyone who is or could be the next George Washington”, Mike Lee responded:

“Oh sure. Look, look. I see a lot of people who have liberty in their veins, who long for liberty, who yearn for it.  Anyone who yearns for liberty has the ability to be that person. And all they have to do is speak about it. Do something about it. Talk about it.

Push back against the narrative that says, ‘that anything we do that is important has to be done through government and anything we do through government, that’s important, must be done through the federal government, and never through states and localities.’

“Push back against that narrative and you will help restore the Spirit of America’s founding.”  

~ Senator Mike Lee, on The Glenn Beck Radio Program, May 22, 2017. 


I wish the entire interview was available for free because it was really excellent. The quote above is from the last ten minutes of the show. There is a short clip of Mike speaking about George Washington resigning his commission available here

Thanks to every Glenn Beck sponsor for all you do to help make such great programming available. (Lifelock.com ~ Overstock.com ~ Goldline.com to name a few.)



Sebastian Gorka can #FrameTheDebate

There was a great tweet that Andrew C. McCarthy put out regarding an interview with Sebastian Gorka on PBS. When Andrew recommends something you know it is definitely worth looking into. And wowser was it worth watching. Sebastian Gorka can #FrameTheDebate. 

Additional References:

  1. The Gorka Briefing
  2. iWar: Waging War in the Information Age

  4. The Swamp Takes Aim at Seb Gorka 



Get on with Full Repeal

So I saw this article with alleged comments by former Speaker John Boehner on my Twitter feed this morning and thought my head would explode.  John Boehner, it seems, has come out of the shadows. It makes me wonder why he is emboldened to to speak out in such a a manner. Who pushed him into the light? 

Honestly, I want to thank Boehner for confirming that I need to keep on encouraging my congressman, Bill Posey, to support #FullRepeal. 

In the meantime….

Thank you, Jim Jordan for standing firm on repealing Obamacare. Thanks for being consistent

As for the rest of the GOP wafflers, get on with full repeal already. You can do it one more time. 



CPAC 2017: Original Sources

I love to watch CPAC but this year my schedule did not allow me much time for keeping up with everything on this opening day. Thank Heavens for the Internet and YouTube for providing live streaming of the event and especially for all of the organizations that have posted videos.

Deneen Borelli is wonderful, powerful and I know that for a fact because I met her once and watched speak LIVE at a Freedom Works event. Today I thought she was spectacular with this recap and her personal insight:

Jim DeMint, a Consistent Conservative, is someone I have watched for years and I was fortunate enough to have met with him when I lived in Florida. I have learned a lot from watching and listening to Jim and today was no different. Jim understands how, like all of my favorite Consistent Conservative do, to frame a debate.

This segment with Governors discussing Federalism was excellent. I particularly enjoyed Governor Walker with his dollar bill object lesson. 

I heard a small portion of Ted Cruz’s segment with Mark Levin earlier today but I am excited to watch the entire interview now, well, as soon as I finish this post because Ted mentioned #FireBureaucrats and that was music to my ears! 

To learn more about CPAC go to CPAC.org and check out the agenda for the rest of this annual event. 


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