Pathetically keeping track

This challenge. I do not know what my problem is with keeping track but I have messed up the numbers more than once on this 365 daily writing challenge. Sheesh. I thought it was all straightened out and then I realized I made an error in my program to keep track.  And then there are errors on days were my eyes ain’t what they used to be, so I got numbers wrong, The list of errors are #LOGHL stereotypical issues. 

Hmmm… I have the same problem keeping track of my jumps when I jump rope. Perhaps, it is my attention deficit issue? 

All I can truly say is I am so glad this daily writing thing is coming to and end soon. Well, not soon-soon but in 97 days.

I think that is correct. Yeah, 97 days. 




Oh my goodness. It has been a wild couple of days with Irma and the debris around my house and the tree on my roof and organizing clean up. But it is all good because today was CrossRope‘s Jump Rope Performance Challenge Day 1: 1000 jumps with a half pound rope. 

I did it. It took me forever.  I did not die. 

Yes. Yes it was as much a stress reliever WoD as it was a stressor to keep going and get it done. The rope kept getting caught under my shoes. I tried jumping without the shoes but it was a little painful to step on it when I missed a turn. It was seriously painful when I whacked my toes with that heavy duty sucker. Finally it was just wiser to put them back on. 

No. No I will not video myself jumping. No. I will not post my time. 

Nevertheless, I will press forward with this JRPChallenge. I will keep on jumping, doing the very best I can as my little old gray-haired lady self, for my kind never die; we just modify. 


Group Texting and Group Text Meeting Info

The best meeting is no meeting at all. The same goes for group texting business meeting information. I only want to know what I need to know and I certainly do not need the entire string of Ding! notifications back and forth in the unwinding spool of group texted thoughts.

Group texting is fine if it is for fun and family. It is great if there is an announcement or a photo or emergency message or even a funny exchange…on occassion. Other than that, uh no thank you to group meeting texting.

All the best and thank you for all you do. 

Sincerely, in the most Christian Way. 



Rowed my 1st Half-Marathon

The goal was to get out the door to start rowing by 8:30 a.m. To make a long story short I finally got to the rower about 9:45 a.m. with my iPhone jack for my portable CD player, my headphones, my Vitamixed Watermelon water bottle, 3 bottles of water and a babyfood pouch containing a lots of potassium veggie-fruit blend for during the row, a Zone bar and a single serving pack of NutriBiotic protein powder as needed for post row, all while managing to forget the socks for my shoes. 

IMG_7957IMG_7959My new shoes. My Tovos. The shoes I have never before worn, ever, and I forget socks on top of forgetting to keep my old shoes just a few days longer so I could row in my old, comfortable, non-blistering shoes. 


My hands held up really well, thanks to my fanstastic Crew Stop Rowing Gloves. I love them! I have a total of four, minor blisters and I think that due to the fact I was concentrating on telling myself to push past my feet therefore not paying attention to my grip. IMG_7963

Oh my goodness, one thing I learned is to have my own personal rowing fan for those hot, sultry southern days. It is a Lasko 3-speed and was absolutely perfect for today’s row. IMG_7965

It took me 2 hours 24 minutes 19.3 seconds to finish the row. I was hoping to stay on a three minute pace but am happy with a 3:25.2 for my first half-marathon. I finished strong. 

Not too shabby for a little old gray haired lady, who jumped 500 single unders with a 1/4lb rope the day before for the newest CrossRope ChallengeOh yes I did and I do it all at Guns Out CrossFit.




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