Teaching moments count: Teach well

IMG_8979A couple of weeks ago a seven year-old boy was in my home with his mother. It was the first time he had been in my home when what seemed out of the blue he asked, “Why do you have a CrossFit poster up in your house?”

It took me a moment to think for I have no CrossFit posters in my home. And then it hit me straight away. He recognized MURPH, the movie poster that is displayed in the television room.

So I took a few moments to explain to him how the Murph WoD was named for a real man who died valiantly serving our country. The man was born first and then the WoD was named for him, Michael P. Murphy – MURPH: THE PROTECTOR, after he died in battle. 

Then I took a moment to teach that the poster on the left was a movie about an honorable, fictional character from a book but how much more important was the real life story, the one about Murph.

It really pleased me that my little friend knows MURPH: The WoD well. 

Next time my little friend comes to visit, I will have the movie ready for him to watch, to teach him well about Murph, the honorable man, a real man who lived upon this earth and how “Who more than self” his “country loved” all began for a little boy named Michael P. Murphy.

Additional Links: 
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  2. Marcus Luttrell: Never Forget Operation Redwing 06/28/05



“Murph” is just around the corner


The Murph Challenge 2014 happened within the first month of my starting CrossFit. I was so sore and so tired from just trying to get going three days a week that when Memorial Day came around that first year I was 1) surprised the box was open and 2) asked my coach if I could just take that day off for an extra recovery day. I remember laying in bed, so sore I could hardly move. Honestly, I was so sore and so tired most days that I skipped the first several months of Holiday WoDs as welcomed recovery days.

I do not recall when I realized The Murph WoD was also done as a Challenge, specifically Memorial Day, but by Murph Challenge 2015, I signed up, got the T-shirt. If I remember right I had to modify the run to 400 or 800 meters that year. In fact I may have rowed instead. I really do not remember. What I do remember was modifying to ring rows, wall push-ups, and air squatting to the bench because I was such a weakling. 

But last year! Last year I was able to run the mile at the beginning and the end. It  was my first year running the miles, without the added weight but I ran! Again I modified the WoD, ring rows but… I was able to progress to putting up a bar on the rack and then doing an incline push-up. I also did the air squats, not to parallel but as air squats. 

This year will be my third attempt at The Murph Challenge.  Today was a practice day with 50 ring rows, 100 bar push-ups with the bar lower than last year, and 150 air squats facing the wall to focus on form. Breaking things up into two sets I completed it in about 24 minutes. It was hot and midday Montgomery, Alabama, not 6:30 a.m. in Rockledge, Florida. Not bad for a LOGHL but I need to get better to do twice as much with those mile runs. 

Last year I finished in 1:20.50. This year I really want to improve my time and quality in my workout. I have seven weeks to ramp it up. 



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