Wah Wah Wah: #NeverTrump is a vote for Hillary

A #SocialistCircus is a Socialist Circus no matter who is running the Socialist Circus. I am not a Socialist. Socialism Kills therefore I cannot vote for a #RepublicanSocialist just like I cannot vote for a #DemocratSocialist nor any Socialist in any party. Yeah, and that goes for Gary Johnson, #LIbertarianSocialist.

Ted Cruz did indeed #FrameTheDebate with the same values and principles that he has been living since he was a young man therefore IF you cannot read his #RNCinCLE speech and see that clearly then you are “too stupid to talk to,” (quoting a very smart friend). 

To all of my friends who feel they have to vote for Trump: Knock yourselves out! 

To the rest of you who feel you have to join the #GoldenTrumpProscenium throng: Go Ahead! 

Trump has plainly stated he does not need people like me. He can win without me. He can do it all, be it all and be the best, the greatest, the winningest at doing and being whatever he and his minions claim therefore it must be true. (snark) 

So why won’t Trump and his minions just walk away and leave me and Ted Cruz alone?

The evidence is out there. His daughter’s remarks were eerily #ProgressivePlatform based. The Donald’s acceptance speech was crafted with disturbing Socialist rhetoric. Read it. Do not read it. Believe it. Do not believe it. 

As for me, I will not vote for a man I have watched as a progressive since the 1970’s. He is not the kind of person I can, in good conscience, vote for. He is no better than Hillary Clinton in my opinion. 

Oh. About the #LesserOfTwoEvils argument, I reject them both. #NeverTrump=#NeverHillary and anyone can choose to vote for something better. 

Your vote. You own it

Like Erik Erickson, I too am moving on. I am all in for getting rid of the Progressives in government regardless of party. 

My Vote. I own it. 



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Mother HOA, May I?

Chelsea Park HOA vs First Amendment

Having lived in my “deed restricted” community since 2006 and having placed political signs in my yard each election cycle, and having seen political signs in my neighborhood all these years, guess what came in my mailbox this week? 

Anti Political Signs HOA

So here is the June 1995 Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Chelsea Park, retrieved from the World Wide Web sign decree in this screenshot: 

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.09.26 PM

Who would ever think that section was meant to stifle free speech during an election cycle? Who would think that would be used to deny Chelsea Park Residents their First Amendment Right to place a sign to support of a Candidate during a Primary Election Cycle or to override the United States Constitution

Seriously. When did the HOA decide to enforce this rule and apply it to Political Signs during a Primary Election Cycle? Especially THIS political cycle?

How is it the HOA allows that one can put up all sorts of holiday decorations and holiday signs throughout the year but not a Candidate sign during an election cycle? And how is it one can put up a Football or Baseball Team Flag but not a sign for a Candidate during an election cycle?  

Did someone say Mother HOA, May I? 

Perhaps I need to get a flag for my Candidate made and fly it from a flag pole like the Sport flags or banners I see in some yards. Or maybe getting a partial wrap on my truck so I can park it on the street or my driveway for my Candidate is in order?

Mother HOA, May I?

Oh wait. I hate that game. So allow me to #FrameTheDebate by asking some other questions:

  1. Why would any HOA Board of Directors stifle any resident from exercising the right and moral obligation to uphold civic standards by being Politically Active during any election cycle? 
  2. Why has the HOA Board of Directors chosen this particular year to attack political yard signs during the most critical Republican Primary in Florida? 
  3. Why, when my candidate’s sign has been up for over one month’s time, is this now an issue when Absentee/Early voting ballots are being sent out on January 30th? 
  4. Did a neighbor complain?
  5. Does the current HOA Rule Enforcer have a Political Sign issue? (We all have our issues.)
  6. Was it the original intent of the Covenant/Rules writers to kill a homeowners unalienable right to exercise the 1st Amendment during any campaign season?
  7. How does the HOA pick and choose which signs are yard worthy for display outside of the for sale-for rent restriction? 

Honestly, it has never occurred to me that placing my candidate(s) sign on my personal property during an election cycle was a violation of the sacred HOA covenants. After all, seasonal items are placed in someone’s yard all year round because like I said, we all have our issues that mean something to us in their season. 

Mike Lee: Framing the Debate

The Laudable Pursuit

I will update this page as new postings are made available. (I know, all the links are showing errors. When I hear back from Mike Lee’s office I will let you know where to find the information.)

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ICYMI: Ted Cruz “He’s deeply principled.”

A few weeks ago I was chatting with someone who thought I would be supporting Marco Rubio for President. You know, because Marco is the Florida guy. (Yeah, seriously.) I was somewhat offended the person would assume that of me but I got over it quickly as I am considered a right-winger by centrists so was pleased when that person was somewhat surprised to learn I am a #CruzCrew member, a big time Ted Cruz fan.

As the discussion moves along the person brings up what I hear from the Lamestream Media (LSM): Ted Cruz cannot win because he cannot relate to the average person, he is Ivy League educated.

In my head I am thinking “What the heck is this person talking about? How did the person think Ted got elected as Texas Senator when the RINO machine tried to kill his campaign? Obviously the person has never listened to Ted Cruz speak, is oblivious to the role of the grassroots getting him elected or something else is going on here. So I ask: What makes you think that?

Well, without disclosing the why of that person’s thoughts I now present the evidence on how completely wrong my friend and the LSM are by this quote from The New Yorker article THE ABSOLUTIST by Jeffrey Toobin:

Cruz is conservative in appearance as well as ideology. He dresses like an I.B.M. salesman circa 1975, in boxy blue suits, white shirts, and red ties. His black hair is just long enough to be slicked back. When he speaks to an audience, he usually offers a half smile that suggests an unspoken bond with his listeners. He paces the stage, like a motivational speaker, and he extemporizes but doesn’t ramble. It’s easy to follow his speeches, because he sticks to an outline, in keeping with his training as a college debater.

“Easy to follow his speeches.” Yes indeed, absolutely easy to follow Ted when he speaks. The average person need not be a Harvard graduate to understand Ted’s words. He speaks plainly using the Socratic Method when he speaks to people. That is why Progressives fear him.

Add to that the fact Ted Cruz does not say one thing and do something else is evidenced by Michelle Malkin. He usually explains what IS is and then does what he says he is doing or will do and often suggests what we, The People, need to do to effect change. Therefore it is clear what Ted Cruz believes in and it is totally clear when WE, to support what he believes needs be done, need to exercise our  power to #MakeDCListen. (He started that hashtag by the way and it is on the Cruz 2016 bumper I have on my vehicle. Let me know if you want one and I will let you know where you can get one.)

When someone tells me something negative or repeats LSM phrases regarding “Ted said (fill in the blank)”, I just go read or watch what Ted Cruz said for myself. I am smart enough to understand what Ted said because TED CRUZ: HE SPEAKS MY LANGUAGE.

Another example: Fox News Online with SPECIAL REPORT: BRET BAIER featuring Ted Cruz shows Ted discussing and answering questions that anyone can understand! Well, except the panel members who seem to sew seeds of doubt once he leaves the set. Seriously watch and listen to the segment and then decide if Cruz, as a statesman, takes the time to educate and persuade THE PEOPLE to rise up with personal power to take on Congress and #MakeDCListen.

Madison Rising‘s song HERO reminds me why Ted Cruz is a great communicator. He speaks the language of principle and values. Truly, Ted “speaks for the people and what we have to say.” And again, that is why the Progressives fear him.

Ted Cruz is consistent in reminding us that we can stand together to achieve greatness again. He consistently reminds us that we must, as the Jeremy Hoop song says so well, RISE UP! Ted truly believes in the American People, the greatness that lies within each of us to step up and step out of our comfort zones to take back the culture, to collectively reignite that flame of hope and hard work that made America great!

That is why I find it fascinating that Alan Dershowitz, along with saying Ted is one of “the sharpest students” he ever had, is quoted saying:

If you want to defeat Ted Cruz, you have to appeal to his principles not to his tactics

So there you have it. Thanks to Ted Cruz we are finally having real debates with principled ideas to challenge the Progressive lies. Ted Cruz is The New Great Communicator. Ted Cruz is a man of deep principle. And so are we, The People. Ted speaks for us and with us and to us. He appeals to our principles and encourages us to act on those principles. He and we are working in the same direction. We are united in purpose and thanks to Ted Cruz’s leadership we are working toward REIGNITING THE PROMISE OF AMERICA.

Ted Cruz for President of the United States of America. He is deeply principled.

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