14 on 15/365

Sunday I wrote my fourteenth post and neglected to post it, thanks to heavy duty cough syrup for my bronchitis. I meant to review my initial piece and then post it before I fell asleep.

Evidently, I did not save it either so it is lost. Hence this little something in place of a completely different subject.

Such a sad, yet somber moment.

14 on 15/365


Worthy of Repeated Reading

Daniel Greenfield is a favorite read. He is an incredibly, prolific writer. Honestly I have no idea how he does it except that he is truly blessed with a gift. Check out:

Yeah, impressive. People who write with such passion and clarity amaze me. 

From my youth I have another favorite writer and speaker, the late, Neal A. Maxwell. The best way to describe him are in the words of the late Gordon B. Hinckley’s funeral tribute to his friend: 

“When he opened his mouth, we all listened.

“His genius was a product of diligence. He was a perfectionist, determined to extract from each phrase and sentence every drop of nourishment that could be produced. Each talk was a masterpiece, each book a work of art worthy of repeated reading. I think we shall not see one like him again.”

As I sat thinking about what to write today both of these men popped into mind. I cannot imagine the discipline it takes for Mr. Greenfield to crank out so many articles each day. Nor can I imagine the time and discipline it took for Elder Maxwell to “extract” the words to create such “nourishment” in his writings.meme-maxwell-gunfire-lullabies-1324288-print

At day ten of this daily writing challenge I am painfully aware of my weaknesses. And yet, with practice, I hope to be able to make marked improvements and perhaps write something, just one item of worth that is “art worthy of repeated reading”. 




We Choose Roku

In Florida we used DirecTV. In fact, we started with them when we bought our first home in Ohio. When we moved to Montgomery we decided that we could live without our satellite thanks to the Roku players we used in Florida. We got them when Glenn Beck started Glenn Beck TV that you may now know as The Blaze. After living in Montgomery for nearly seven months we find we can live without regular television.

Before we moved here we recorded a lot of things that we never watched. There were so many channels included in our package that we never watched. When we moved we found we had narrowed down what we did watch to so few channels with so few worthy watching programs that we simply did not want to waste money on that which was of little worth to us.

Now we pay for what we want. We really enjoy the variety on Netflix, love The Blaze for so many reasons, and recently we added CRTV because of Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin. Then we got Alabama Public Television, thank you Masterpiece and Mystery! and Doc Martin.

Even with these few channels we have The Blaze on most of the time. We do not mind as each channel has on demand access allowing us to pull up shows on a moments notice and that takes the pressure off the limits that come from recording shows.

Hallmark Channel is the one I really miss. Sometimes I just need mindless, emotional girl television programming to detox from the news I read and watch every day. That is why I took a chance and subscribed to Feeln. It seemed like a good idea.

The Feeln programming is okay. The ease in using the channel is not as user friendly as Netflix when it comes to watching a series. The selection of programs have include what I consider a bit advantgarde so find Hallmark Channel-like programming somewhat lacking in that perspective.  I do love the the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies. It would be nice to have more Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. (Not sure why Hallmark had two channels when one would truly do but certainly they could throw more over to Feeln.) I was thinking about canceling my subscription but they added the series, The Man From Snowy River. I hope they get more than the first series soon. 

That brings us to Netflix. There are some shows we have watched that are short shows from a season or missing a season. That is a total bummer! Nothing worse than missing pieces in a series unless it is watching a show out of order in a series! (It is a #Nerd thing.) 

The point of it all is we are only paying for that which we need, enjoying what we have, and supporting the types of programing that reflects what matters most to us.  That’s real capitalism, freedom to choose. 






Remember when Ryan said….

Remember when newly re-elected Speaker Ryan said in his post re-election acceptance speech….


“I want to say to the American people: We hear you. We will do right by you. And we will deliver.”

Yeah. How long did that last? 

Read his position on Health Care here. Do not cherry pick through the first couple of I’m so wonderful to have done blah-blah-blah paragraphs. Really read and look for his personal beliefs in what he wants Government to control and pay for. 

Next read his big promotional plan for what he believes is “A Better Way” and see if you find #FullRepeal instead of repair as his agenda.

Then remember the One and Only Republican who voted AGAINST RYAN as the Speaker of the House in 2017. 

Yeah. I say KUDOS to Thomas Massie for having the courage to vote his conscience. Especially now that it appears Ryan and his cohorts are ignoring the will of the people who gave Republicans the majority to end Obamacare Hell. 

Please listen to Thomas Massie from 2015 at the 9.12 Grassroots Summit I attended and you will see why I respect him, immensely, for staying the course. Especially pay attention around the 6 minute mark on. See how the Swamp Leaders punished Massie and Meadows for staying the course and what it took for them to fight back.

Do you really think Paul Ryan is going to #FullRepeal or just keep smirking and smiling and massaging your emotional response to remain on the ACA plantation? 

Remember: ALL Americans deserve the freedom to choose a plan without Government interference or control.

Additional Reading: 

  1. Health Care Reform by Freedom Works
  2. Health Care by Conservative Review
  3. Health Care Reform by Heritage Foundation



Do a Good Turn: Opportunities Right in the Way

So I am driving home from the box this afternoon when a couple of vehicles swerve out to the left lane and then back into to the right lane. My first thought, “Oh no! Someone has hit another dog and left it in the street!” as the line of travelers continued to follow the leader in turn.

No, thankfully, it was a big black trash bag about the size of a trash can sitting smack-dab in the middle of the lane with what looked like styrofoam packing shrapnel strewn about it. When a few more vehicles ahead of me did not stop it was obvious someone needed to take the time to at least clear the largest debris from the street, and it appeared that it needed to be me, the Little Old Gray Haired Lady (LOGHL). 

It is a busy road. Quickly thinking about how to safely deal with the problem I surmised it would be best to go around it, stopping on the far side. Then I realized I was able to immediately turn right onto the side street, hit my flashers, exit my truck to let down the tailgate. Great idea!

After the vehicles behind me served and continued forward there was a break in traffic. Quickly getting to the bag, sizing up how big it was, I had hoped a LOGHL, such as myself, could pick it up. It was awkwardly big but filled with styrofoam, yard clippings and other trash therefore not difficult to lug it over then heave it into the truck bed. It went smoothly as other vehicles continued driving toward the spot just cleared.

I guess I could have taken the time to clean up the other stuff, but in the moment felt like I had done all I could without putting myself in harms way. I was satisfied having done my part to make the streets of Montgomery a little less unkempt.Image-1.png

In a few moments I arrived home, backed the truck into the driveway, right up to my green garbage bin, got out and pulled down the tailgate to drag the bag to the top of the bin. Glad it fit.

Always leave a place better than you found it and please, if you like this post, donate to Friends of Scouting, even if it is only five dollars. Tell them I sent you.


THAT BABY: Charlie R.

Okay, so his name isn’t exactly Charlie R. And he isn’t really MY grandbaby, though I like to pretend he is. But he is definitely THAT BABY, loved and adored, fussed and fretted over, and definitely spoiled by me, the Granny-Nanny.

My favorite part of the day is when Charlie R. gets his noontime baby food pouch, we play a bit and then he gets tired. I can always tell when he gets tired because the thumb goes to the mouth. That is when I pick him up.

When he is tired he is a little cuddle bug. He always turns towards me. Very often he puts his little cheek to mine and I will begin singing to him the Primary songs I learned when I was child so many years ago. 

Usually he fights sleep, ever restless in my arms. He twists from side to side but he does not try to escape. He just tries to keep his eyes open. He puts his face back near my face eventually snuggling his head to one of my shoulders though there are times his head simply drops onto me from the shear exhaustion of his effectual struggle.that-baby-charlie-r

He is out. Zonked like a rubber chicken. To be sure he is dozed long enough to put him in his portable crib without him waking, I gently lift his hand a little to see if he is truly in the rubber chicken state. If he does not stir then it is definitely time to proceed to the crib.

With pride I think, mission accomplished.   

Oh how I love THAT BABY! 



Thank You, Glenn Beck & The Blaze Staff

It is almost the end of the day. I have been sitting still, trying to quiet my mind to think of something to write about today. So I choose to express gratitude.

Buck Sexton has been out this week due to illness so he had to release his exciting news on his Facebook page. It is a thrilling announcement indeed.  “The Freedom Hut is going into national syndication, baby!”, he posted.

Thank you, Glenn Beck. Buck’s announcement made me think of how many wonderful young people you have had on your television and radio station, and why I am a proud supporter of The Blaze and Glenn Beck shows.

All I can think about now is how many people you have had working on your broadcast station and where they are now?  Then there are thoughts of the wonderful young people you have on now and where where they be in the next five to ten years?

I loved REALNEWS. I love the new format you have now for your 5 p.m. Eastern slot on The Blaze. I loved the conversation then and really love the conversations now, from THINK TANK to FOUR-MINUTE BUZZ and everything in between.

It is comforting to see so many people, with different backgrounds and persuasions, just being happy in spite of different ways of thinking, or visions, or philosophies, or who knows?

Thank you for finding exceptional people. For supporting them. For sharing them. And thanks to all those people on your staff for being professionals and excelling at what The Blaze has established since day one: THE TRUTH LIVES HERE.img_5126

They all move on and, hopefully, continue with that thought process to influence others for the greater good.



Family Home Evening

One of our favorite times of the week is Monday evening. That is when we hold our Family Home Evening (FHE). We had one tonight. Just the two of us. 

We always begin with a song, then a prayer. As we have gotten older we have rolled in our Calendaring and Finance sessions if we do not have time to do those on Sunday evening. We have  a little lesson or activity. Then we end with a scripture reading, a song, and a prayer.

Even when we were separated due to my husband’s military responsibilities, we SKYPED, or telephoned when possible. Those FHE’s were usually shorter. But we had them just the same. 

We just like being together. 


Just the end of the day

It is a new year and the first month is just about over while minds full of mush are out in full force, protesting with increased vileness, like the whackadoodles of the late 60’s-early 70’s. It would be disheartening if I had not seen it the first time. 

Today is Sunday. I really need to be Christ-centered. It is His Day, not the day of the Whackadoodles (and I mean that in the most kindly, Christian way). So time to turn my thoughts to more positive musings. 

My friend, Joe, did a 365 project whereby he posted a graphic arts #dailyrender. Today was his last post for his first series. He is a fellow CrossFitter. That’s how I know him. You should follow him on Instagram at southneck. (I think he is Superman and his wife is Lois Lane. #cutecouple). 

One of my favorite Sunday rituals is calling family. My folks are elderly and my mom’s brother is older than that. They are in pretty great shape for their ages. In fact, my mom still works a few hours each week demonstrating and selling men’s cologne and grooming products. My Pops walks three miles a day except on Sundays, and my Uncle, though practically blind, has a mind that is sharp and crisp. Those calls have been made. 

One thing my husband and I did today was watch the movie THE PERFECT WAVE. It was worth the time. 

That said, you might also follow 321_Surf  on Instagram too. Great shots of surf, surfers, and cool things related to surfing.

Taking Joe’s fine example of daily posting, I am going to try again to do the same this year with simply writing a daily blurb on my blog. 

The End.

Blogging again

A few years ago I had a blog on blogspot which seemed a whole lot easier to use. I stopped because I hated Google and where it was going so deleted everything. Not that it matters now, apparently.

So now I am starting up again. Why?

Not exactly sure why. I enjoy writing. I am Tea Party Patriot and I love the United States of America. I want to be free. I want to be free to have an opinion. I want feel like I have a voice in government and I want to learn from credible sources not engaged to implement sophistry, malfeasance, or lies.

Like Rush talks about being a benevolent Dictator on his show, I want to be a benevolent Dictator on my blog about things that interest me.

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