NOOOO! Event 5: 1 LB DU MAX


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Oh my gosh. Years ago, like way more than twenty, I could jump rope fairly well. I could one foot, two foot, run up and downhill while jumping, criss-cross, boxer step, and alternate feet jumping, heel touch, jack jump, and sissor jump too. Now, I am happy to just keep the rope turning after years of inactivity. 

In 2014, when I started at 26.2 CrossFit, jumping rope well again became my goal. Here I am four years later and I still stink at it, in my mind. What is worse is I still have never done a proper double under. Honestly, I am happy if I can string 30 consecutive jumps together with a speed rope. Granted, I had three, yes 123, foot injuries this year so that has slowed my progress down but that is no excuse

This year I discovered CrossRope. Picking up the Limited Edition Heavy Set and falling in love with it (having not yet jumped with Brunhilda – rolling my eyesI ordered the complete serious of ropes with an extra set of handles. And finally, over all of my injuries, I have made it through this, my first Jump Rope Performance Challenge, except for….

Tomorrow’s dreaded double under event. And with a one pound rope!

I will work to get that double under tomorrow. Yes. YES I WILL

Even if my max is one, at least I will be done. I will never quit. I will do my very best at Guns Out CrossFit

#TeamMe #TeamBooGah #GoFightWin #TeamGunsOutCrossFit 




Mike Lee: Rock Solid, Loyal Republican

Mike Lee is every bit as honorable as his remarkable father was and that is evidenced in Mike’s principled stand on Full Repeal. Mike remains unwavering and faithful to his constituents. Always in the fight for liberty, he consistently stands against those who support subverting unalienable rights afforded every American.

I listened to Mike on Glenn Beck’s radio program today. Mike eloquently framed the debate to press forward with full repeal. It is the the same debate that must be made over and over and over again until the liars in the House and the Senate are fully exposed in an up-or-down-roll call-vote for the record. 

TAKE ACTION: Stand with Mike Lee on Full Repeal

Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia have signaled that they are no-go’s on the GOP’s backup proposal, which entails passing the same “clean” repeal bill approved by the upper chamber in late 2015 — a bill Capito and Murkowskivoted yes on at the time. (Susan Collins did vote no in 2015.)

In addition, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Rob Portman of Ohio have raised questions about the repeal legislation. Both men votedyes on a repeal in 2015.

McConnell still says he will go forward with a repeal vote, even if it fails… 

excerpt from See the Full List… by Buck Sexton.


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